PPC10- Make Mine Kaleidoscopic!


in our last post I told you that now that our design was finally secure, I was giving myself the “green light” to start “playing” with fabric for a few samples, and as is my norm, I’ve been saving a particular collection of fabrics for what is traditionally my fabricated bag exterior.

And this time I decided to create my own kaleidoscope print using fabric designed by the kaleidoscope-master herself… Paula Nadelstern!

I had FUN playing with this fabric PLUS I’m quite pleased with the results! I’ll tell  you more about this extraordinary fabric later on in this post, but first… the tour!
I like this picture because it gives you a really good look at the pieced flap. And just so you know, I chose this particular colorway (it’s called “Crocus”) from Paula’s “Patternista” line, because most of the colors included are those that I normally shy away from.
And here’s a fun announcement…we’ve opted to actually INCLUDE the pattern pieces for this piecing technique in the pattern package along with the pattern pieces for the bag itself!  🙂


And for those who wish to carry their bag as a hip pack, their belt or the bag strap itself (pictured above) can be threaded thru the slots on the bag back which are visible in the photo above.


Here’s a good view of the bag being slung across the hip in this way.  🙂


And here’s the first shot we’ve made of this bag with the connector bands being secured around the belt loops of a pair of blue jeans. I like this look and if I wore pants with belt loops on a more consistent basis, I can imagine that I’d like this totally carefree way of carrying this bag!


 And remember, the connector loops can also be used to attach this little bag to almost any handlebar set up. It’s attached to a walker in this photo, but you know what? It’s can just as easily be used with a bike, a scooter, or a stroller!

fabric 3

And now…

let’s talk a little about this incredible fabric by Paula Nadelstern who has long been a hero for me! I’ve especially loved her kaleidoscopic fabrics and from the moment I saw it I thought it would be SO cool to piece together my OWN kaleidoscopic interpretation of her design!

This fabric is part of Paula’s “Patternista” collection for Benartex which is not particularly new… just new to me. It comes in four different colorways, but I gravitated to this combination maybe because it just so dang bold and daring. I mean who dares to put aqua and olive green together, right? But— because this line has been on the market for a while it might start getting a little tough to find so my suggestion is that you secure it now rather than later. I got my supply here, but you might try inquiring with your LQS first.

So with that….

here’s some vital pattern information you might be interested in—

The size= 8″ wide X 6.5″ tall X 3.5″ from front to back.

The fabric requirements= 1/2 yd for the exterior, 1/2 yd for the lining, and 1/8 yd for the contrast, but make it 1/4 yd if you’re planning on making your OWN bias tape.  🙂

The target release date= anticipating the disruption of the holidays, probably late winter 2015.

And now…

it’s YOUR turn!  It’s crunch time and I need to pick a bag for the pattern cover pretty soon! Do YOU think this bag has what it takes to grace the cover? I’m looking forward to reading what YOU think and please feel free to leave any comments or questions you might have about this design in the space provided below.  🙂


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  1. Wow, you did save the best for last! I think this one would be great for the cover.
    I do have a question though. one of you earlier posts stated target date of release was (I thought) in February. This post states late winter 2015. Can you verify which timeline it is? Can you tell I like this pattern and getting antsy to see it released.

    • First of all… I’m thrilled you’re so excited about this new pattern! (We are too!)
      But concerning the release date, nothing has been decided for sure yet, but there’s a couple of things on the calendar that could be the deciding factors. I had hoped to have everything to the printer by now and that we could potentially release the pattern with our next newsletter (on Fab 10th), but if you’ve been following the progress in Purse Pattern Chronicles, then you know that there have been a couple ‘bumps in the road” for this one and with us leaving for the Road to California show next week, we probably wont be able to get the files delivered for printing until mid-Feb. We could potentially drop it at the end of Feb, but that would be a week before we left for DisneyWorld to celebrate our grandson’s 5th birthday, and i have learned to always have my calendar free and clear for a week before and at least 2 weeks after a new release (don’t ask me how i know this), SO….. it’s lookiing more and more like early March. I feel pretty good about that though because that’s still within our target range of mid-late winter 2015. Stay tuned though? We let you know for sure as soon as we know!
      And thanks SO much for your enthusiasm!

      • Kat I feel so dumb. I was thinking late winter 2015 as being around Christmas 2015…….duhhhhh. Geez that is really the start of winter, isn’t it.

    • Monica Colletti

      love the paula nadelstein bag.but exactly when will it available? it should be on the cover! terrific colors!

      • The pattern will be available in late winter. Sorry but can’t be more specific than that because it all depends on how long it takes for the printing process. 🙂

  2. I love the fabric and what you did with it, the black and white zipper is perfect too!!! Great job, as always, very pretty, my favorite colors!
    Kathy K

  3. I’d say this one (kaleidoscopic) or Re-Luminated for the cover, but I’m biased because they’re my favorites. The “At the Tailor Shop” would also work because it really highlights the shape of the flap,but again I really lean more towards Re-Luminated or Kaleidoscopic. Fantastic job.

    • Thanks Sherry. It’s always hard to decide on the cover! I’ll probably round them all up for a consensus post next! 🙂

  4. Pamela Richardson

    Love this last design. Any idea how much the bags will be?

    • Hi Pamela– The patterns will be available in late winter and will be priced the same as all of our other patterns. 🙂

      • Oh, how I love this design. I’ve been searching for something just like this. Can’t wait for the pattern to be released!!
        Love the way you’ve “created’ the fabric, too.
        I’ll probably be making mine out of denim…and hooking it to my jeans when I ride!!
        Thanks so much for all your wonderful ideas!

  5. The purple haze is my favorite. Also looking forward to the release of this bag. It will be my go to bag for the summer. 🙂 Dawne

  6. Nancy J Baysinger

    The kaleidoscopic design is awesome, it should be the cover photo. The most striking bag I’ve ever seen, it will really stand out in your show display s. I am so excited about this pattern. I already have 3 to make, me, my daughter and Dil. I think this will be one of your best selling pattterns!

  7. I love this colorway for the bag and would choose this to ghrace the cover for the pattern I am looking forward to ordering this pattern and this material. |Beryl Preston. Grimsby. U.K.

  8. WOW…I love this pattern and can’t wait for it to come out! This last sample is fabulous…the fabric is the best so far!

  9. I LOVE the kaleidoscopic bag and think it would be awesome as the pattern cover…and I want the pattern!!!

  10. I am partial to Reluminated, love the sophistication of it. I can see where Kaleidoscope or Purple Haze would catch your eye more in packaging though.

  11. Has to be this latest bag on pattern.
    Absolute stunner.

  12. Loving this pattern and looking forward to when it is available. I’m just wondering though, I’m not a big fan of bias, and I see all of your prototypes have been made with it. Would the flap and sides be easy to make without it?

    • Hi Dyan– I’m afraid this the bias tape is integral to having the 3-storage areas iin this bag, but hey— I’m currently in the midst of a 3-part series on making and using your own bias tape (which believe me is WAY easier than the storebought junk), why not check those posts out before you rule out the use of bias tape? The next post in this series will publish on jan 26th. 🙂

  13. This one would be an ideal cover!!! Just wish I had the talent/time to make one for myself….would pay for one from you though!!! LOVE IT!!! <3 <3 <3

  14. I love it . As soon as the pattern is available I will order . I found the fabric too on a web site and already ordered it . Can’t wait.

  15. Love the pattern and especially in that fabric! Can see this is my next “must have pattern” and also that fabric for my stash! Great job Kathy, as always!

  16. All the samples are beautiful but this last is a stunner! And would make a beautiful cover for the pattern, especially since the Kaleidoscope instructions are included in the pattern!

  17. WOW! This Kaleidoscope really pops! It definitely shows off the shape of the bag. That said I also like Lumina. It brings a classy look to a casual bag. But you are heading into summer and the casual season so I would vote for Kaleidoscope as the main photo with Lumina having a small spot to show it can look classy also.

  18. i LOVE Kaleidoscopic! If you had that fabric and pattern in a kit, I’d buy it! Just love the colors and design. Hands down this is perfect for the cover.

    • I’m afraid we never stock fabric (for a variety of reasons), but you know what, with the kaleidoscpe pattern pieces included in the pattern, you could use a wide variety of fabrics and achieve many interesting looks.

  19. I love this one – and would make it in a heartbeat – but might it scare away some? I know for a fact, (can provide proof if you are interested) there are experienced sew-ers that can’t look at a pattern and ‘see’ it in other fabrics. I know your bags aren’t for inexperienced sew-ers but it might be a bit intimidating to others too. Will a 2nd bag be shown with a fussy cut or other single fabric flap along with it.


    • Oh I know that many folks can’t envision projects in other colorways and fabrics. That’s why i so enjoy showing pictures of the creations made by our customers! 🙂

  20. I absolutely LOVE this one. My favorite color combination.

  21. This one is the best. It is so gorgeous, I just love it.

  22. I haven’t even read anyone else’s comments. I always love your fabric choices, but this one just absolutely took my breath away. Definitely a cover girl. Can’t wait till this pattern comes out, it will be a definite purchase for me, and I’ll be making it not only for myself, but for several others.

  23. LIKE a lot. Everyone will take a double take when they see this beauty. Thanks Cathy

  24. I, too, love Paula Nadelstern and I think this is the perfect fabric for this bag. Good job piecing the kaleidoscope!

  25. This by far is the best yet. I love this pattern and the fabric is great. I love bold and wild color combinations and it shows off all the different elements of the bag. Can’t wait for the pattern to be released.

  26. LOVE this bag and LOVE the fabric. Definitely should be the cover. Awesome that you are including the directions for this technique in the pattern.
    The fabric is not easily available in this colorway, eQuilter is out of stock. I found it at The Cotton Patch and already ordered it. Now I just have to wait for the pattern!

    • The fabric is not new, so I knew it might start to be a problem to find it. Glad you fell upon some!
      🙂 It comes in another colorway that pretty as well!

      • You know when you go into a quilt shop and one fabric of out the whole store calls your name and you can’t live without it? Even if you have no idea what to do with it? This pattern in these colors is one of those for me. My husband 2 rooms away heard me say WOW when I saw your post this morning.

  27. Oh WOW, this is wonderful! I love it! Since you are including the pattern for the kaleidoscope look, I’d say this should be on the pattern cover for sure! But of course, I think any of your designs are beautiful contenders for the cover!

  28. I think this would be the best choice because of its boldness. I have used that color combo in cardmaking for a while now – Love it!!
    Can’t wait to get the pattern! When will it be available to purchase so I can watch for it? Such a cool bag 🙂

    • Thanks Sue- The pattern will be ready for release later on this winter! Stay tuned and we’ll be more specific as the time nears. 🙂

  29. Gorgeous! This cover would definitely catch people’s attention.

  30. Love this bag, love the material and the gorgeous fussy cutting on the flap brings another dimension to the material.

  31. what fabulous material, and I like the design and pattern of “the bag” ie should definitely be on the cover of your magazine etc. the kalidescope effect is really stunning.

  32. Love..love your kalidescope purse!!! Beautiful fabric…should be on your cover!!! I will buy the pattern and material when it comes out!!!

    • Thanks Debra- I’m glad you like it, but please know that this fabric has been on the market for a year or so already, so if you’re interested in getting some, i wouldn’t wait.

  33. I think this one will make an eye catching photo for the pattern cover. All the fabrics have been awesome; but only one can make the cut. This one would be mine.

  34. Hope it is released in time to have one made for my cruise in early May.

  35. i definitely think the Kaleidoscope one should be the one for your cover photograph. I’m sewwwwww looking forward to it being released..