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when we last saw our new design, (in the last post in this series), I was pretty happy with the progress so far… happy enough to start breaking out the good fabrics and start whipping up a few potential show samples.

And speaking of good fabric… what do you think about this incredible sewing themed collection featured in this sample? I loved it from the moment I saw it and if you do too, more info is forthcoming a little later in the post.

But back to this particular sample… there were still a couple of tweaks I wanted to make and a few areas that still needed a little finessing, but by and large these changes are minor difficult to photograph and would probably be basically imperceptible to anyone but me.

So let me just give you a little tour of the finished sample!Β  You might remember that I’ve designed this bag to be carried in a variety of ways. You can use it as a shoulder bag (as shown above), or you can lengthen the strap and wear it cross-body, OR…
You can unhook the shoulder strap and simply thread it
thru the slots on the back side of the bag to convert it to…

A Hands-free Hip Bag

Yep… your eyes are NOT deceiving you. This new design can actually be worn as a hip bag (aka fanny pack) even though I virtually took an oath that I would never EVER create a hip bag! I like this design better than most hip bags because in addition to having more than one carry-style option, it has a more tailored, streamlined look.

And speaking of other carrying styles, if what you’re looking for is a bag you can quickly attach to a stroller, bicycle, walker or scooter, all you need do is unsnap the shoulder strap and replace it with two bar bands and VOILA, look no further! And you might recall from our last post that in my opinion our bar bands were a little limp and wimpy, so I beefed them up for this round so that now they’ll hold up under any load and look beautiful too!


And if I had to choose my favorite feature of this bag, it would be this concealed storage area. It’s the perfect place to store sensitive items you want to keep completely safe and secure. I made a couple of minor adjustments to the components in this area for this round… nothing affecting functionality.


So does that mean that all systems are GO for this design now?

And the answer to that question would be… ALMOST, but not quite!

And you know what? You’re looking at what STILL needs to be tweeked, and its those little Strap Tabs. They’re just a little (~3/8″) too tall, but once I make this one last adjustment (in the next sample, so stay tuned!), I predict I’ll finally be able to pronounce it “road-ready”!


Which brings us back to this delightful fabric. ( I included the picture above to show you how cool the lining fabric is! )
fabric 5

When making inquiries about this fabric, look forShe Who Sews” by J. Wecker Frisch for Quilting Treasures, and here’s the specific prints I used:

for the exterior- Tailor Shop Signs, in cream
for the lining- Pieced Newsprint, in cream
for the contrast and bias trim- Plump Pin Cushions

I would recommend checking with your LQS (local quilt shop), but if you’re like me and don’t have a decent quilt shop for miles in any direction, then you might appreciate knowing that I got my supply at eQuilter.com.

And now for the “Big Reveal”!

After MUCH research and thought, I’m ready to tell you… that I am totally stumped as to what to name this bag. My goal was to have chosen a name by now that would immediately indicate that there’s more to this bag than first meets the eye. We used the term “convertible” 2 cycles ago and ideally I wanted to use a similar term for this pattern and after MUCH research and contemplation, everything I like has already or still is being used!

Here’s the candidates I’m still considering (listed in no particular order):

The Kombo Bag
HipCetera (suggested by Marty Campbell)
HipTricks(also suggested by Marty Campbell)

And finally…(since I’m in the mood for annoucements)… here’s some particulars you’ve all been asking about-
The size= 8″ wide X 6.5″ tall X 3.5″ from front to back
The target release date= anticipating the disruption of the holidays, probably late winter 2015.

And now… it’s YOUR turn!

I would love to know your impressions of our new design thus far and which name (if any) you prefer, so I’m looking forward to reading your comments! Please leave them in the space provided below.Β  πŸ™‚


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  1. Love the bag. And triple-love the fabric! Looks like a home run to me!

  2. Great fabric choice! I can see why you have been saving it. This bag is perfect for vacations! We ride bikes when we travel to Hilton Head and I always seem to have a purse dilemma. I can’t wait to make this! Nice work Kathy! I always enjoy the process. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You have I winner here. I can’t wait to make my own. And I have to do something with that fabric – soon! It may not be available by 2015. Thanks again for sharing the creative process, it fosters my own problem solving. How about naming her “Sew Hip” ?

    • Thanks for commenting Christie and especially for suggesting a name. Sew Hip is a cute name, but what I’m REALLy lookiing for is a name that suggests there’s MORE to this bag than just a hip bag. Thanks again and stay tuned for our next update. maybe we’ll have made a choice by then? πŸ™‚

  4. Love the bag. Just had ankle replacement and was in need of small bag that held enough stuff. Would have fit on the knee scooter and the walker. Now across the body. So I like the Kombo name !

    • Thanks for voting for a name Claudina! The whole naming process has gotten harder and harder. I’m OK with the Kombo name i guess. I just wish it was a little fancier and more fun. We’ll see. πŸ™‚

  5. hmm, 2015?? That is quite a long time, surely you jest? The new bag is very nice, but I was so in love with the fabric I almost forgot about the bag itself : )

    I do see that this can be great for everyone. With so many uses I think you have a winner.

  6. love thd bag and the fabric.Can’t wait for the pattern. Can you make suggestions as to about how how fabric to get. Would a yard of each be enough?

  7. Well I sure miss spelled all the above, so lets start over. Love the bag and fabric. Can’ wait for the pattern release. How much fabric do you guesstimate? Would a yard of each be enough?

    • Good question Carol. Generally I like to wait until I’m SURE about fabric requirements before publishing them but yes, a yard of each is MORE than enough! πŸ™‚

  8. I have loved the idea of this bag since I first saw it on your site. Can not wait to get my hands on it!! Late winter, oh no, can’t it be sooner? πŸ™‚

    • Sorry Eddi, but it just takes a good deal of time to do everything it takes to self-publish a pattern. Please see my response to Eddi (above) for a link to a post we wrote about this very subject. I’m glad to hear your excited about the bag and rest assured, it’s our goal to publish as fast as we can! πŸ™‚

  9. I love the versatility of this bag plus its great design. I like that it would suit almost everyone with the options of so many changes. A name to consider … The Chameleon.

    • You know what Kathryn? That’s kinda cute… the Chameleon. I’ll put that on my list and ponder that for a while. πŸ™‚

      • Because some have questioned the use of The Chameleon, would Kat’s Khameleon work?

        • Well Kathryn I guess if I wanted to push the issue I could try that, but I dont think I will for two reasons.
          1- its just as important that folks be able to say and pronounce and spell the bag name. If they spread the word about our pattern but then folks cant find it because they cant spell it or say it correctly, or worse, if it points them to another pattern already on the market that isnt ours, we lose out.
          2- I think its splitting hairs to just change one letter and consider the name ours. Someone beat us to the name fair and square and I’m not going to be the one who treads on their copyright. I could win the battle but lose the war of goodwill and its not worth it to me.
          Thanks for the thought (and keep em coming), but I’m sure we’ll think of something to use. πŸ˜‰

  10. Chris in South Jersey

    I like The Chameleon also.

  11. Love the photos, can’t wait to get this pattern, it’ll be very useful! The dimensions sound perfect.

    The Chameleon is good, it changes on a whim!
    I thought maybe The Hipscotch, a take off of hopscotch, but I like Chameleon better. πŸ™‚

  12. I vote for The Chameleon!

  13. Love, Love the bag and the fabric. Could we have it a little sooner so I can make myself a Christmas present. Kidding of course.

  14. I like your “Any which way” bag (tried to think of a name for “any which way” but couldn’t) and fabric. I, too, can hardly wait for the pattern to come out. I guess I would vote for “The Combo”.

    • Thanks Kay- I’ll add this name to the list of possibilities. It might be a bit long but we’ll see. Either way, I’m so glad you’re excited about this bag!

  15. Love the bag! Will definitely be watching for its release. The first name that popped into my head was Houdini.

  16. I love the look of this bag. I think it is the perfect bag. Not to big and not to small. Just like the three bears, just right!!!

  17. Love it; yet again can’t wait it will be so useful.
    How about SwitchaRoo for a name?

  18. Oh my! I thought the Wrapsody was perfect but this one is even more perfect!! I like to ride my bike [even gone on a couple bike vacations] and it was a huge decision what to slip in the panniers for carrying those personals when I was off the bike. Now, with this one I won’t have to decide. Definitely getting this pattern, no matter what you name it πŸ™‚ CHAMELEON gets my vote [changes to fit its surroundings], although Houdini is a close second–as long as that doesn’t mean it goes invisible on me! Haha!!

    • Your comments made me smile Carolina! I’m glad to hear you are interested in this pattern and have a great day! πŸ™‚

      • That’s a bummer about Chameleon already being used πŸ™
        Do you already have one named GADABOUT? That means traveling many different places and this bag sure can-not only geographically but on the body!

  19. I can’t wait to make the new bag! Thinking about a name for it, and incorporating “Convertible” into the name, here are a few ideas:


  20. Good Morning
    I love this bag a must have
    Name The Kombo Bag I like that
    can’t wait for it to make its appearance

    • I also like Kombo as the name. I love E- quilter so I’ll be paying them another visit ! Can’t wait to order the pattern when it comes out.

  21. I’ve been watching the progression of this pattern very closely. I love this bag. I haven’t seriously thought of sewing my own purse until now. How about naming it Perfect!???!

  22. Late winter is going to take forever to get here waiting for this lovely pattern. But I know….it’s like a fine wine, and we must wait. πŸ™‚ Some names: Thinking about more to it than meets the eye.

    Deja Vu
    Chimera Combo

  23. I like Chameleon, love the fabric and love the design. For me, the bag is a bit small, but that will not stop me from buying the pattern. It is perfect for me as a cross body bag and having the ability to attach to my walker. As it is now, my purse is not secure just sitting on the walker seat. I use the bus system and it is hard for me to access items in my purse and hold on to my walker so I don’t injure any other riders. I am so happy you changed your mind about the “hip bag”, even though this will never, ever get near my ample hips. Thanks!

    • Don’t tell anyone Rose, but in testing this bag out, I’ve kinda gotten to enjoy carrying around the house as a hip bag. πŸ™‚

  24. I like Chameleon, too, but there’s already a handbag named “Chameleon” so we need to come up with a variation… like ChameleoBag, or ChameleoCarry, ChangeSling, ChameleoSwap, etc.

    • Yeah I’m disappointed about that too, I’ll keep thinking. I’m thinking that these variations are a little too complicated but I so appreciate you working on this! πŸ™‚


  26. The bag is great. How about the Convertible Bag? Actually it does convert to many styles hence the suggestion.

  27. The bag is beautiful. The name Carnival Bag came to mind because it’s a great size if you’re going on a cruise and need your hands free to bring back shopping items or going to a carnival and needs hands free to eat food and play games. A fun bag all around!

  28. I am really interested in your latest creation. It looks amazing and congratulations on creating such a funky looking bag. I would love a pattern and fabric but would also love to attend a workshop.I am in Victoria, Where do I have to travel too to find you?

    • Thanks Christine— I’m glad you like our progress so far. And its very flattering but I’m afraid I don’t do workshops. If i spend my time that way, then I wouldnt have time to design. πŸ™‚

  29. Love, love, love the small dimensions and the 4 carry options so I will definitely purchase this pattern! I’ve been eyeing that fabric collection wondering what to make with it. Some names I thought of:

    Quadrivia (4 of something & it’s a pretty word)
    Quadrivia Kombo
    Hocus-Pocus Pocketbook
    The Magician

    • I like Quadrivia….but she already has a bag called the Quatro. And I thought there were only 3 ways to carry it. Shoulder, crossbody, and fanny pack. So I was thinking of names with 3’s. Like Triple Threat, or Tres Chic. πŸ™‚

  30. True confession time. I was prepared to not like this pattern when you 1st mentioned you were doing it. I was curious to see what you’d come up with, but expected to yawn my way though your updates. I was so WRONG! I won’t wear the ‘ Not Your 1980’s Fanny Pack’ (how’s that for a name!) version myself, I love this bag and all the other options it offers. I REPENT!

    • To tell you the truth Barbara even I was prepared not to like it, but I actually do enjoy carrying it hip style around the house. It’s a convenient way to always have my phone and a couple of other crucial items at my fingertips. πŸ™‚

  31. Function Junction?

    I’m not fond of anything with ‘Hip’ in the name as it implies that that is the only function.

  32. Love Love Love this bag and the fabric, can’t wait for the pattern to be released. Will try to purchase fabric in advance. How about “Shoulder to Hip Converta”.
    Cheers Irene Taylor

  33. Have been watching the steps of this bag. Looking forward to getting the pattern.

  34. Versa Bag!

  35. Had a thought about the name: How about a variation on the “presto chango” phrase. It changes into so many different bags…

    Definitely a great design – no matter what you finally name it.

  36. Great bag! I love it made up in those fabrics. I don’t need to add to my stash, but I may have to add some from this line…

    I didn’t read all the previous comments, so this may be a duplication: The My Way Bag.

    Just a thought. πŸ™‚

  37. i love it and need it now!

  38. Very cute fabric!

    Hip~Cetera is my favorite from the choices of names.


  39. Thanks ever so much for all of these suggestions. I SO appreciate the help. I guess after naming 30+ patterns I’m running low on ideas and even if I don;t use the title you suggest, they have inspired other offshoots to consider.
    I guess I’m bummed because it seems everything I like the best is already in use, but I’ll try to quit thinking about it for a day or too and come back to it with a fresh outlook! Hopefully by the next post I’ll have an announcement for you! πŸ™‚
    Thanks again, our customers are the BEST! πŸ™‚

  40. Like the pattern and fabric. Cannot wait to get a pattern. The name with chimera sounds good. Watch x file reruns to learn what that means. Also a name with shape shifter, or trickster is wn idea.

  41. I have researched extensively for a bag such as this.
    I love it and like wise the fabrics.
    I also like Kombo bag.

  42. Another name suggestion and one I think I suggested for a different bag of yours-

    The Chrysalis, because it changes from one thing to another.

    I didn’t check to see if anyone was already using it, though.

    • Thanks for the suggestion Susan.
      I’ve seen this name used in a knitted bag pattern but not a sewn one, so we’ll add it to the list of possibilities. πŸ™‚

  43. I love the idea and the look of this bag. And how versatile it is! I think it’s a winner.

  44. wisconsin dragonfly

    I have read about the difficulties and processes involved in publishing a new pattern but just to clarify: this pattern won’t be available for another year?

  45. I love the fabric and this “Hipster” I can’t wait to purchase the pattern!

  46. I love the fabrics and the “Hipster”!!
    I just ordered a few yards of different fabrics in this line and some zippers on your website….Now just waiting for March to get here so I can purchase the pattern!! πŸ™‚

    Do you carry the hardware also? I love how strong it looks.

    • Yes Mary. The hardware is already available on the website, but when the pattern becomes available it will also be available in a kit, so I suggest you wait for the pattern to purchase it. πŸ™‚

  47. I like HipCetera. When people intentionally “cutely” misspell things it just strikes me as kind of… not polished. So I don’t like Kombo bag. Shrugs, just me. But I love the bag, whatever you decide to call it!

  48. Definitely call it “Hipster” !

  49. Want it NOW. Beautiful and practical, both pattern and fabric.

  50. I love the bag, I would love to have the pattern. Also it would be great to see it available in a kit using the fabric you have shown. Will follow up. Just pinned to my Pinterest account.

    • Thank you so much Rebecca
      I’m afraid I just dont have the room in my studio for fabric. That’s why I’ve provided the information about the fabric so you can look it up locally or online. Just so you know… I go mine at equilter.com.

  51. It is adorable–I would love to be able to make one for myself.

  52. Just throwing out a couple of ideas for names here, Synthesis or Amalgamation? Both mean combination, which is what this bag does so well. The bag, as are all your designs are beautiful and functional, what more could you ask for?

  53. This bag is Oh Sew Hip. Just Love the hidden middle compartment. Can hardly wait to make one of my own

  54. I’m probably late to the naming party, but have you considered ChiChi (she-she) adjective meaning “showily or affectedly elegant or trendy; pretentious”