Portland- An Exhibitor’s View

So…. as I’m sure you already know, this Spring’s Quilt Market was in Portland, Oregon and since this was the site of our very 1st Quilt Market in 2008, I wasn’t really planning on doing my usual travelogue post about the host city, BUT- since Portland Oregon is such an interesting place… here goes!

Portland really is one of the most beautiful cities we’ve visited in this
country. It gets a LOT of rain so everything is SO green and lush.
And speaking of rain, that’s something it did EVERY day we were there this time.
I felt cheated not getting to see beautiful Mt Hood off in the distance but it
never did rain too very hard and the sun did peek thru a time or two.
Portland is located on the Willamette River and they are known for the many
interesting bridges that span it. The Quilt Market was located in the Oregon
Convention Center which you can see off in the distance in this picture.
(under the twin glass spires)
We’ve used many a mass transit system, but Portland’s Trimet may just be
the best of them all! It’s on time, easy to understand and FREE for us,
since Portland granted all Quilt Market attendees a free pass for the duration!
Thanks, Portland!
But Portland is also a pretty unusual place, and not only that, they seem to
actually RELISH their weirdness!
For example, Portland is the only major US city that doesn’t flouridate their
drinking water, and it’s a HUGE controversy right now! (Seems like every other
TV commercial is about this right now.)
Or how about this tower of toddler bikes chained to a light post?
The bikes evidently belong to the Zoobombers, a loose pack of mostly-young adults
who do crazy things on these baby bikes at night.Weird, yeah, but remember,
it’s Portland.
Powell’s Books claims to be the largest independent used and new book retailer
in the whole world and once you step inside, you’ll totally believe it.
They stock more than a million books in this block-size, multi-story building,
so chances are if you want it, they’ve got it. Sewing books are down
on the first floor near the corner of 11th and Couch.
We discovered a new favorite place to eat this time out. Jake’s Grill has
fabulous steaks and seafood, but in our opinion you’ll be missing the best
If you don’t try the warm chocolate cake with ice cream! It’s to die for!
But here’s the best kept secret in Portland. Voodoo Donuts!
featuring some of the most unusual (and weirdest)
donuts you’ll ever find anywhere!

Like a bacon-maple doughnut,or a vanilla doughnut covered
with Fruit Loops or of course the signature Voodoo Doll doughnut
with a pretzel stake thru its heart (or head….)!










All in all, it’s been a wonderful trip and a terrific market for us, but it’s time to bid Portland a fond farewell. Maybe if there’s a next time you might remember that I really would have liked to have seen Mt. Hood at least one time? If that could be arranged, I’d love it!

Next up, Houston and the Fall Market,
and you know what? We just might stay for Quilt Festival this time! YIKES!

So… have YOU ever been to Portland?
And if so, what were YOUR impressions?

We actually LOVE comments,
so we invite you to leave yours in the space provided below!
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  1. I live in a small town near Portland and my job takes me into the city most days. You hit many of our “touristy” attractions, although locals usually get their donuts on at a lesser known Voodoo on the east side. Maybe next time you can make it to Mt. Hood or Multnomah Falls…there are lots of natural attractions in our area as well. I’m glad you had a good time in our paradise!

    • Oh we did! It’s So different than the Southeast and visiting other parts of the country is one of our favorite things about this business! Portland is definitely like no other place we have stayed and I so wish we did have the time to get out into the countryside some! The scenery truly is magnificent! 🙂

  2. I also live just south of Portland, but lived in the city most of my life. Thanks for putting Portland in a good light. It truly is a beautiful city.

  3. I’ve never been to Portland… I loved “travelling” with you. Great pictures.