Pimped-Up Inspiration

So I was minding my own business,
messing around on Pinterest on a Saturday morning when I saw 
and it TOTALLY blew me away!
I gotta admit that the thought of embellishing my sewing machine
had NEVER, EVER occurred to me, (especially with buttons),
but once I saw Sandi Wiseheart‘s pimped-up machine, I was thoroughly inspired.
I don’t know why I was so surprised. You know years ago,
all sewing machines were embellished at the factory….
like this beauty. 
Now I know that this is probably just a refurbished antique, but I can remember my grandmother having a machine that looked a lot like this one, and I bet you have too, so now I felt compelled to see how many other embellished sewing machines I could find online, and I must say, 
it was WELL-worth my time!
Check out this incredible modern take on a vintage classic!
I bet Gramma never had a machine that looked like THIS!
It kinda made me wonder when and why it was
that they started making sewing machines in plain, boring white and beige!

I did find some wild stuff out there, like this “blingified” version which included buttons, sequins and various trims. But here’s the deal, although I love the look of the buttons, I’m afraid it would be grabbing threads, tugging at fabric and otherwise getting on my nerves, so I kept looking!
This outstanding machine for example was done entirely with Sharpie markers
And I found this Patched-Up Bernina on a Dee-Construction Blog.
And remember Mod Podge
The most elaborate makeovers involved the use of this blast-from-the-past decoupage material for an intensely personal touch. Interested in duplicating this look? Here’s a tutorial!
And here’s a similar take using Mod Podge and the pages of a book, 
PLUS another tutorial to check out. 
And last, but certainly not least, this machine was embellished with fabric by quilt artist Pamela Mostek as part of a Bernina Challenge. You can follow her step-by-step process by clicking HERE.
SO……..what about it?
Am I the only one who has a bottle of Mod Podge ordered?
But seriously, I might just try this out on my machine. 
If it comes out OK, I’ll share the results in a future post, 
and if any of you have a pimped-out machine of your own, 
PLEASE send me a picture, I would LOVE to see it!
So… what cha think? 
I’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments section below.
And please free to share this post in any way you deem appropriate

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  1. Love it and it scares me to death. I can’t see myself doing this to a working machine. For me, I think it would be a distraction and there’s always the possibility that I’d get bored with it. I’m getting a vision of a machine encased in layer after layer of mod podge. But I have a spare machine, one that had an unfortunate encounter with my dog and the floor, and I use it for spare parts. It might make an interesting palette and brighten up my work space. I’m thinking about it.

    • That’s where I am. I have a spare machine I’m thinking could make an interesting conversation piece. (It’s certainly not serving any function sitting upstairs in the closet!) 🙂

  2. These machines are totally gorgeous! I’ve seen some really nice quilted cases and am hesitant but these you found are probably more achievable! Looking forward to your blinged machine.

    • Me too! I always allow myself a little time after the publication of each new pattern to do something completely different. I find this to be a good way to recharge my battery, and this time, following the PortaPocketsPLUS, it might just be playing around with fabric, Mod Podge and my old machine! 🙂

  3. What about the new vinyl cling stuff — I haven’t done any of it but wonder if it would stick to a machine to decorate? Anyone have any experience? Also wondering about some of the “skins” sold for electronics whether they could be trimmed to dec out a machine?

    • That’s a great question Ruth, but I dont’ have the answer. I’m thinking that fabric or paper along with the Mod Podge would probably be easier to work with and more ‘forgiving’ in the long run, but who know? 🙂

  4. I like it but I don’t have the courage to do it to my machine.

  5. Oh what fun! The white plastic on my old Pfaff is getting a bit yellowed. This would be a great solution to cover it!

  6. Barbara in Muncie, IN

    It’s interesting, but like others, I think I’d find it distracting. Also, some of them look like they’ve covered EVERYTHING that didn’t have to move, including the instructional/numerical scales around dials, etc. How would you know where to set the machine for certain functions?

  7. It is so much FUN to look at all the decorated sewing machines! I must say…I had a hard time attaching the bendable light to my machine this week. I guess I have commitment issues. (Grin) I like a plain surface to work on.

  8. I think these machines are great! So much fun & creativity!

  9. These are fun to look at but, like the others, I’m afraid it would be too distracting. If I had an older, unused machine I might have fun with it, but not with any I use regularly. I love seeing the creativity of other quilters, so thanks for sharing!

  10. Kathy, Mod Podge is alive and well:
    It’s had quite a big revival!
    Love the machines, they’re fun.
    ~Jillian in North Dakota, who has a small collection of those old beautiful sewing machines that still work after a century

  11. I think if you had a machine you traveled with wouldn’t it be cool to have people you meet sign it with a sharpie! I’m just saying! It sure would personalize a machine! But you had better love that machine, because I am pretty sure it would be tough to sell! LOL

  12. Like many, I am amazed and quite frankly such a thing truly has never occurred to me! I could not do this to a working machine, it would be distracting and disrespectful to the machine and the large amounts of money spent to acquire said machine. However, a non-working machine would certainly tempt me, not just for the process of embellishment, but for the artistic display. I recently used my long dormant glue gun, had 1980’s flashbacks, but had the sudden urge to glue stuff!!

  13. Very interesting art! If I had a defunct machine that I simply couldn’t part with, I might try something like that just to keep the machine and have it displayed. But I don’t think I could actually use a machine with all that ‘stuff’ on it. I think, for me, I’d be too distracted. Thanks for sharing the links and photos.

  14. Thought you might not have realized, your last 5 or 6 emails have started with the word SO…

  15. I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed seeing these fun machines. I know its controversial and might not be every one’s cup of tea, but I fin things like this very inspirational, whether or not I would actually do it, (which in this case, I might). 🙂

  16. I have my grandmother’s Singer treadle machine and it still is beautiful. I’d maybe do the hexagons with origami paper and Modge Podge, but I decoupage, and I find you should grab the sealer as it stays sticky for a while. I have Moda’s Wing It all over my room, so maybe I’ll use the charms on mine! If I can bear to stop using long enough!

  17. What an interesting idea. Wish I were brave enough to do it. Just can’t do it to my girl though.It is interesting, truly it is.I’m finally going to be making a cover for mine this weekend. I do treat her like a baby, and my serger too.Don’t know what I would do if I didn’t have my machines.