Our Plans for AQS Quiltweek Paducah


while we were at the MAQF in Hampton, VA  we had a chance to try out a new layout which taught us two things!

  1.  We really don’t need to increase our layout from a single booth to a booth and a half.  I really thought we were very close to having to increase out footprint size (and our expenses), but at the conclusion of that show it was obvious that even though MAQF was a very good show for us, we did not realize a proportionate increase in profit for the 50% extra in booth fees.
  2.  We still had a couple of tricks up our sleeves to try out in a single booth configuration. The extra space at MAQF afforded us to try out some new display options and because of some of the things we tried at there, we came to the realization that we could probably apply these options successfully in a single booth layout as well!

So, scroll down to see what we’ll be trying out
for the first time next week at AQS Quiltweek Paducah!

This is the basic layout we plan on going with in Paducah. The big changes?

First of all, we thought it REALLY helped both our customers and our sales to have ALL of our hardware facing forward, rather than having some of it “around the corner” on the other aisle of our booth, so that’s what we’ll be trying here. You can see a basic depiction of it below.

The big difference for us in a single booth is that we won’t have 15 ft of linear space to work with on the front aisle side of our booth in Paducah. We plan on making up for this lack of length in our usual way, by building upward! We’ll build an extra row of grid boxes on top of these making this unit “three-high” and instead of 2 rows of hardware products, we’ll have four. The patterns will still be displayed above them but don’t worry, I’ve tried it out and I dont think our customers will have trouble reaching them at all!

The big question is, will we have room for bag displays on top? Maybe yes, maybe no. We’ll have to try it and see. One thing is certain, if we do put bags up there, I dont think we’ll have to worry about customers trying to get them down by themselves!

So where WILL we display the bags?

First of all, I’m planning on 18″ of space in front of the hardware displays for bags that do not require hand stands, such as our Walkabout Wallet, Everyday Attache, Go-Go Compact and many more! But another thing we REALLY liked about our display at MAQF, was that we could ALSO display bags much lower on the alternate aisle side of our booth. Scroll down to see how it looked at MAQF.

Having the bags lower accomplished TWO big things for us. First- it gave the customers full access to bags that were normally displayed MUCH higher in past displays. This way they felt free to zip and unzip, and check every pocket out to their heart’s content, without feeling like they were bothering us to get the bag down, or put it back up. PLUS- the extra side benefit to me, was that I could rearrange them and fluff them back up after customers left without even leaving my booth. There’s plenty of room for the patterns themselves to be displayed under the bags in this configuration but with so many of them on each hook, I really don’t have to come out of the booth all the way to this side very often for re-stocking. This time we’ll push the gridboxes pretty much all the way forward to the front edge of the tables.

We’ll leave our zipper display pretty much as it was for the last couple of shows. This new arrangement for our zippers has helped our sales immensely and we’re pretty happy about that!

So… that’s what we have mind heading into this next show. How will it work out? Only time can tell but I’ll be doing updates on Instagram and on our FaceBook Group page from the show, so if you haven’t joined either of those outlets you might consider doing so. There’s some information at the very bottom of this post to help you do just that. In addition, I’ll be doing live broadcasts prior to each show from our booth each day about 30-45 minutes before the opening bell, which should be around 915 am. The live video feed will be available each morning on our regular business FaceBook page, but don’t worry if you can join us live, you can always view the video later  in its archived form at a time that’s convenient for you!


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of our new booth arrangement. Do you have any questions or suggestions for us? And if you’re in the Paducah KY area or are planning to be, please stop be and see the real thing up close and personal! We’re in booth #3410 on the 2nd floor of the Convention Center! And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave your comments about these and any other aspects of this new design in the space provided below.


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