Our Fall 2017 Booth Display- Change in the Wind


while we were at the AQS Paducah show last Spring, we premiered a brand new display item in our booth. We started using some black wire gridwall boxes (see picture below) primarily to provide some added security for our precious bag samples.

But the more I looked at these new boxes, the more I thought that they might just be the answer to the most common question we get asked at these shows, and that would be;

“Are you selling the bags or patterns?”

So when we got home from Kentucky I set up our tables in the basement to play around with this idea a little more and here’s what I came up with.

If I set up these boxes two-high, there would be room to display one row of bags in front of the boxes and yet another on top of the boxes. This would leave room for us to display our patterns as well as the applicable notions for each bag along the “in-between” area. And that’s not all!

I think we could actually use these grid boxes for our zipper display as well.  I was surprised to see that I can get all of our zippers on them if I stack them three by three. And there’s another BIG benefit to us using these grid boxes for our zips. Turns out they will actually save us a good deal of weight, aggravation in the car AND and subsequently freight charges in the cross country shipment to the Road 2 California show because we’ll be able to leave those long, heavy, rattling grid walls home in favor of three 15′ X 15″ boxes!

Sounded like a win-win to me! Right?

But I thought I had better leave them set up for a week or so just to see how I felt about them over time and as it turns out…

I’m glad I did!

Because a few days later I heard an awful commotion downstairs and it turns out that the ENTIRE unit was flattened by THIS little guy (at left)! Who knows what he did, but its a sure bet that if this little guy, at 12 pounds can demolish it all by himself, then its a sure bet that at some point during Quilt Festival it will most certainly come tumbling down! And that would NOT be good!

Since then I have read that most people reinforce most of the joints with zip ties rather than relying totally on those little round black connectors, so I’ll definitely be getting us a large supply of those!

I also think it might be a good idea to figure out some way to secure these units to the tables themselves… like with bungee cords or something similar. Gotta find some purple ones!

Stay tuned and as we get closer to Quilt Market & Festival I’ll give you another update. I’ll set the whole thing up here at home and make sure it’s “Pippin-proof” before deciding for sure because I sure don’t want to get all the way to Houston and realize we’ve made a BIG mistake!

And speaking of getting closer to Quilt Market, we’ve received a lot of questions of late as to whether there will even BE a Quilt Market in Houston this year due to the damage inflicted by Hurricane Harvey! So I thought I’d include this little video we made and shared recently on our FaceBook page.


And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of this set up and if you have any other suggestions for securing these units I’d LOVE to hear them! And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.

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  1. Practice taking them apart, too.
    I used those grid squares in MANY different configurations in our many different houses during our military life. I actually just got them back from my son’s dorm! My daughter used them before that for her records and books.
    I use a long screwdriver to get the leverage needed to get them apart. Just be careful where you are leveraging. Some of my corner piece sides cracked and are now only usable for 2 or 3 sided corners.
    The vinyl paint layer is gone on many corners, but I’m not using them to display goods for sale. A can of black spray paint might be handy after each show disassembly.
    They are definitely lighter than gridwall!.
    Zip tiedowns are definitely a good idea since your purses are not heavy.
    I also put 12 x 12 ” cardstock on some bottoms and sides. It slips right into the four corner pieces. Keeps stuff from falling through. And even a private cube for your stuff, depending on your configuration of openings.
    Good luck!