Our 2017 Fall Market Booth Display- Another Look


a few posts ago I told you about my a new idea I had for setting up our booth using grid boxes instead of the shelving we’ve been using for years. You might recall that the way I saw it, there were a couple of potentially HUGE advantages on the line if I could make the grid boxes work for us.

1- We could leave those heavy,  8ft tall grid walls at home. Because after all, they’re extremely heavy… they’re hard to pack into the car… it’s impossible to set them up alone, and they rattle all-the-way-to Houston (or where ever).

2- We could display our patterns, hardware and zippers in close proximity to our bag samples in the hopes that maybe we wouldn’t be asked 200+ times (minimum per show) if we were selling bags or patterns, which is a bit annoying.

BUT— considering the magnitude of this change AND considering that the last time I tried setting all of this up in my basement it all collapsed after a day or two, I knew I needed to try it again (with zip-tie reinforcements) just to be sure it would work AND would hold up to the rigors of EIGHT shows in Houston!

And here’s how it went….

So here’s about 2/3 of our booth (because my basement not wide enough to set up my WHOLE booth).  I set up this side first since the bulk of our products are within this section. As you can see, all of our handbag samples are on display and very accessible to our customers for examination, but not only that!

Located in between the top & bottom row of bag samples are the patterns themselves as well as the called-for hardware pieces, conveniently located in close proximity to the bag requiring it.I can still secure our bags to the grids (for safety sake) with our little bungee tethers and even though these boxes are quite heavy, especially when they’re loaded with product, I still worry that during the literal “push & tug” of the show that they could tip over or get pushed back dangerously close to the back edge of the table. But I found these 36″ bungee cords in can you believe it….PURPLE! And they seemed to stabilize this unit perfectly!

So now, I turned the table around and partially unassembled the grid box unit so I could set up the zipper display unit and place in the approximate location that it would be in Houston, just to see if I’d feel comfortable with this new arrangement.


And here’s how it looked! I found that if I stacked these boxes in a 3 X 3 configuration, it gave me just the right amount of space to display all of our zippers, (with the extra-added bonus of THREE bag samples on top) and if I placed this unit on a 4 ft long X 22″ tall table, the zippers would be at a very comfortable height for easy shopping.

But with these boxes stacked 3 high, I found that the unit seemed a bit top heavy, even with two bungee cord tie-downs in place. And here’s the deal… it would be just plain awful for this unit to be toppled over mid-show, so when I disassemble the larger handbag unit, I’ll procure those bungees and add them to this unit to see if I can get the degree of stability that I’m after.

So all in all, I spent the better part of 3 days setting up our entire booth two different ways in our basement. It was a REALLY time-consuming but necessary exercise because it was the only way I’d know if this new system was really going to work for Quilt Market & Festival, the most important of all of our planned events. After all, wouldn’t it be awful to get to Houston and realize there was a fatal flaw in our plans?

So now that I’m satisfied that this system can in fact do the job for us, there’s only one big decision left… and that would be where amongst this display to place our little “Pippin clone“.  I guess you’ll have to come visit us in Houston to see where he’ll be “hiding”. Will we see YOU there?

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of our new set up? Do you think we’ll end up loving it or hating it? And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.

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  1. michele a suriano

    Looks like a very shopper friendly setup. I’ve tried to use those grid boxes in my craft room and have big issues with them falling apart. Sounds like you have work the kinks out. I don’t quilt (yet), but I sew and do other crafts. I enjoy your posts and love to see the beautiful fabrics and the end results.

    • It definitely helps to zip tie them together. You really need both. I tried putting them together with only zip ties, and it was NOT good, but the combination of both of them seems to be the ticket! 🙂

  2. This looks great! Friendly and airy and shows off the purses beautifully. Glad you could work it out. Love the pic with your kitty. I am glad you could work it out. Hope someday you will come to a show in the Pacific Northwest.

    • Thank Alaine. The Pacific Northwest sounds great, but its SO expensive mobilizing from the coast to coast. Wish it wasnt.

  3. A beautiful display, wish you could visit the UK at some time, the bags are unique and the most attractive fabrics are cleverly used to make them look their best.
    Would love to see close ups of items on the stall.

  4. Outstanding set-up! I’ve used the girds before (3-story Guinea Pig estate) and was very happy with the results. Now, with your set-up, I am quite comfortable in obtaining more to build a display for my bags! 🙂

    Thanks for everything you do and share with us <3

    Beth Peterson
    Dragon Run Creations