New Studio- Behind closed doors & drawers

So today, following another morning of moving stuff down 2 sets of stairs, I took some time this afternoon to enjoy actually doing a little work in my new studio. OK, it was computer work, but increasingly it seems that’s what I do the most anyway.

Here’s my new work area, pretty much set up the way I want it. It was ridiculously cold outside today, but it was warm and toasty inside, especially with the sun streaming through the side windows… Ok, I’ve got to do something about that direct sunlight, but for today, it felt GREAT!

Now that I’ve finally got my cabinets fixed and organized the way I want them, I’m ready to let you take a peek inside.

These storage closets have sliding shelves to provide easy access to all items, even the ones at the back of the shelf. The cabinet on the left houses my fabric stash, while the one on the right holds some of my notions. The upper storage areas are for my bulkier items like fusible fleece, interfacing and Peltex. I’ll probably put some bolted fabric up there as well.

I’ll store my finished handbags in these totes in this closeted area. They’ll be completely protected from damaging sunlight here. (Do you notice that Joba is conveniently in each picture?) He is completely in my way at all times, wanting to check out EVERYTHING! I think he may like the room just as much as I do!

Here’s a little drop leaf on the left side of my sewing table, which I can place my tabletop ironing board on. No more constantly getting up & down to press little areas. It’ll be wonderful!

Now for my favorite cabinet. This little unit has eight shallow drawers, perfect for storing purse hardware & drawings. I also have a shallow built-in drawer for the table.

Each little drawer opens COMPLETELY so I can access the stuff at the back of the drawer just as easy as the stuff in the front. I had a blast organizing these. If you could see how I had this stuff stored upstairs in my old area, you would know how much easier its going to be now, while I’m sewing, and especially as I fill orders!

So there you have it. We still have some decisions to make about window coverings for the two windows & the side door causing the sunlight problems, (since it’s winter time and the sun is riding so low). And I’m thinking I’d like to make some cushions for the window seat, and maybe some curtain doors for the two storage rooms, but there will be plenty of time for that later. Right now I’m dying to get started on the layette for Little C and also to pick up where I left off on the new pattern I started in November. I may actually get to do that tomorrow, (I’m so excited I may not sleep!) if i can get the Direct Tv man out of my hair in the morning that is. I hope he’s not chatty!

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  1. wow…. wow… you have been blessed with this truly amazing space… I just love the desk area and those little shallow drawers .. great ideas here .. have fun and enjoy.. kg

  2. I am sure you feel as if you have died and gone to heaven. Again congratulations on all of it!

    Can’t wait to see what you make for Little C! What a lucky grandson he is! Our Aubree is due in 2 weeks so, as you know, she could arrive at any time now!

  3. The studio really looks great ~ now get to work, woman! 😎

  4. Love it! What are the drawer dividers that you are using in the shallow wooden drawers please? From here, they look like Rubbermaid, my old standbys. Just curious if you found something new.

  5. None of the dividers are Rubbermaid, but there are several different kinds. I got them all at a store called SpaceSavers in Winston-Salem. They had the best overall selection I had seen anywhere, and, they send out some terrific coupons in January! (The ones that look like wood are acutally bamboo).

  6. Marjorie Jumisco

    Great site and love the bags. Lucky #25700!

  7. Thanks for the tip on the dividers. Wonder if we have a similar store in GSO. May have to make a field trip. I love all things organiz-y. But I should really clean out the drawers first, huh?!

  8. Amazing! Where were you able to get the shallow drawer unit? I’ve been searching everywhere for something like that to store my massive jewelry collection. Also intrigued by the sliding shelving in your closet. did you DIY?

  9. Reply

    CarolynOctober 25, 2012 at 6:57 AM

    Amazing! Where were you able to get the shallow drawer unit? I’ve been searching everywhere for something like that to store my massive jewelry collection. Also intrigued by the sliding shelving in your closet. did you DIY?

    I didn’t see where there was a reply to this………………… I also would like to know what company makes this shallow drawer unit and where to get the shallow drawer unit! Love your purses!
    Please respond to Thank you.

  10. I would also like to know where you got the shallow drawer unit…room looks amazing!

    • Thanks Jen- I do love my studio and all the furniture in it, but we’ve had to have most of the cabinets and closets custom-made! 🙂