My Weapon of Choice

 And best of all- it’s Kitty-approved!

People often ask me what kind of sewing machine I use. I guess they figure that because i make my living sewing, that I would have a state-of-the-art,  fancy-dancy sewing machine.

Well here’s the deal…it’s an unusual day that I don’t use my sewing machine, and I have very little need for fancy stitching or other bells and whistles.

And just between you and me, I’m kinda hard on a machine. I don’t clean it as often as I should, and I certainly don’t oil it as recommended. You might say that any sewing machine of mine better be able to ‘take a licking and keeps on ticking’. I LOVE my machine because despite all this, it hasn’t given me a moment’s problem in the 7 years I’ve been abusing…I mean using it.  🙂

My weapon of choice is a Necchi, and I think it cost in the neighborhood of $250 when my folks got it for me as a gift. (I must confess that at the time, I had never heard of Necchi Sewing Machines.)

It’s not fancy, but ALL the moving parts are metal, not plastic like a lot of more expensive brands. And the salesman said that you could sewing through leather with it, and I actually have, with no problem! And get this- it comes with a 25 YEAR WARRANTY, which I’m told is one of the longest warranties of machines on the market today.

So…. if  you’re in the market for a machine- check out Necchi. I highly recommend it!
And in the meantime, how’s about telling us what kind of sewing machine you’re currently using, and what you might you like or dislike about it? I would especially come in handy for us.

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  1. PFAFF it’s quiet and smooth and has IDT technology

  2. janome 6600….large harp and has the scissor button(that thing can spoil a girl)…ox’s

  3. I have a Janome 9000 but it has just ‘died’ on me! Needs a service, but I love it – quiet AND does embroidery even though it is outdated now :o(

    Linda G

  4. janome 6600P. I have a dealer close by, which I feel is important and it sews beautifully. I too like the scissor, wish it had an automatic needle threader like my 11000SE.

  5. Viking #1 plus — no longer made. A true workhorse. It has an embroidery unit with it, but I never use it. One of the original made in Sweden machines. Since they sold out to a holding company, all the machines made in the past few years are made in the Orient. And quality is not as good.

    My 2nd choice would be a Janome.

  6. PFAFF that is 22 years old and still going strong.

  7. An Juki Industrial machine, a Janome 6600P, a Janome 4900P and a Janome Serger. My Janomes serve me well, but I like the speed and strength of my Juki Industrial.

  8. Janome 11000 and Janome Platinum – love them both for what they each can do.

  9. I have a White Jeans Machine I bought 25 years ago and started making baby clothes. It will sew anything from filmy dance costumes to vinyl and leather. Now humming along nicely making quilts and whatever else my heart desires. It has a few decorative and utility stitches, one of my favs being the serge stitch where I then cut off the allowance. I’ve worn the paint off in several places and can’t think about parting with it. I hope it lasts forever! Oh, and why I chose it? It was the only one in the store at the time. (living in a rural area sometimes you take what you can get)

  10. Bernina 1260–the last metal model. I have Janome Jem Gold that I use for traveling/classes–wish I’d gone for the Platinum. My sewing does not warrant an industrial machine.

  11. I’m on my second Kenmore. For what I do it made the most sense–reliable but not pricey.

  12. WOW! What a big variety! And I’m almost a little surprised that everyone seems to be happy with their machines. I guess that means that sewing machines in general are pretty much all well-made? 🙂

  13. I’m a Bernina fan

  14. Husqvarna Viking Designer 1. I really love this sewing machine. She is my best buddy. I chose this mostly because the dealer is close by. Thought I would use the embroidery part more than I do. Love all the decorative stitches. I use them alot.

  15. I have a 440 Bernina and a Viking 980 whichI love for the all metal parts.
    The Bernina sews thru anything also but not happy about the cost of extra
    feet etc.!!

  16. I have an inexpensive viking. Mine is used by me and both granddaughters.
    Has sewn lots of interesting things. We had 3 1/2 Ft of water in our
    living room and my machine was underwater for 2 days. We opened it up,
    hosed it and let it dry out for about 8 weeks. Our son plugged it in and
    it ran. So he cleaned it and I still use it almost everyday.

  17. WOW!
    That’s quite a story. If Viking heard THAT one, they might just put you in a commercial!
    Thanks for commenting Have a great day!

  18. My machine is the Babylock Quest. It is my beloved Pfaff 1214 reincarnated with extra features. The most important is the dual feed. Since the patent expired on the Pfaff, Babylock duplicated the dual feed exactly. The only reason I purchased the Babylock was that Pfaff parts are either no longer available and/or difficult to come by. Both machines are workhorses and that is what I wanted. I thought about an embroidery machine, but truthfully, I prefer hand embroidery; it is so much softer and flexible than that of the embroidery machines. Though I do admit from time to time looking at the designs offered, but not enough desire to invest in all of that.—-Denise S

  19. I have a Bernina 801. It is about 20 years old and works fine.

  20. My mom had a Necchi for “like” forever! Until the polys came out and it din’t like them. I have Berninas. One for 17 yrs and one for 11 years. Wouldn’t trade for anything but another Bernina!

  21. My machine is an antique Singer. I make all my bags on it. don’t laugh. all it does is sew backwards and forwards straight stitches. i love it because i can get it to go stitch by stitch thru really thick layers. poor old thing is almost as old as i am.
    love your patterns and blog.
    i live on the isle of wight in the UK.
    kind regards

  22. I have a Bernina 160 that is old, and my Brother ult2003, Janome7700 and I love all of them but I have to add that my Bernina is the workhorse. I am still experimenting with the 7700. Janome compulock, and I really would like another serger. Toss up between Juki and Elna

  23. Well- If I ever have need of another sewing machine, I know where I can find some great advice before I buy!
    Thanks so much for all the comments! 🙂

  24. hi kat

    I also had a necchi – bought in bermuda where i was living at the time in 1970. i loved her too but had to leave her behind as the voltage is diffferent here. you didn’t get really fancy machines in those days. less to go wrong on ’em i always thought.
    all the best, so cold and dark here at the moment

  25. I love my Elna. I have 3 of them.

  26. I have a Sear Kennmore bought in 1974 for $350. It zigzags, decorative stitch and 2 sizes of monograms. It is all metal. Great machine. I have a Brother, just purchased for embroidery. Very inexpensive $349 at Walmart. Both machines are fantastic!