MAQF: Room to Grow By


you might remember from a previous post that this year we’ll be vending for the 1st time EVER at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Fest (in just FOUR days, YIKES)! This is an opportunity that’s been THREE years in the making! Yep!… it’s tough getting into the MAQF and for the past 3 years it just hasn’t worked out, and you know what?

It almost didn’t work out THIS year either!

That’s because there was only one booth available to us… and that was a 15′ wide by 10′ booth. But here’s the deal… we’ve never EVER had a booth any larger than 10′ by 10′. And yes, that’s a considerable increase for us but I accepted this offer immediately for two reasons!

1- We very much wanted an “IN” to this show. Yeah this booth may be bigger than we need, but once we’re “IN”, we’ll be in a much better position next year to renegotiate our booth size and who knows, we may find we totally dig the extra space because…

2- We’ve toyed with the idea of increasing our booth size for quite some time now and have hesitated because quite frankly, we’ve been chicken to do so… so this was  just the “boot-in-the-pants” we needed to try something new!

So of course, now we have to make a plan for this extra space which increases our square footage from 100 ft2 to 150 ft2, and diagrammed below is how we plan to set up very first Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival booth!

First of all, the area represented above by the large green square is the extra space we’ll be enjoying at MAQF. Our plan is to use it in the following ways.
1- We’ll extend our display into this area by adding an additional table.  This extra space will allow us to display ALL of our designs, which will be nice because we normally have to leave 2 or 3 of our older design samples at home. In this diagram I show us also extending our grid box display into this area, but right now I’m not sure whether we really need to do that. I guess I’ll decide that “on the fly” on setup day!

2- We’ll have a 2nd booth entry point. Rather extending our display all the way to the opposite booth wall, we’re going to leave room for a 2nd booth entry point. This should come in handy and save quite a few steps while restocking product and re-organizing our constantly bag displays.

3- We’ll push our sales table ~1 ft back (see green arrows). This should provide more room for our customers to shop amongst our zippers.


So there you have it!

Best I can tell, this is our plan for the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival. But you never know, we may change things up once we’re on the floor in Hampton, VA. And remember, we’ll be sharing pictures of our new setup as well as LIVE video from the floor of the MAQF on our new FaceBook Group Page! Have you joined us there yet? If not, just click HERE so you won’t miss out on the fun!


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  1. Oh yeah! We just moved to the area a year ago, and I’m all excited about going to this festival. It looks like we will have to go early to get decent parking!