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You probably wouldn’t be surprised if I told you that it’s VERY expensive to ship our display items to the Quilt Market, would you? But I bet you’d be shocked to learn that about 1/4 of the total weight we ship is tied up in just ONE component of our display…our handbag stands!

Pictured at left is one of the stands we currently use, and as you can see, it weighs just a tad over 3- 1/2 pounds! Multiply that by the 18-20 stands that we ship to each Market, and that’s pushing 70 pounds! And that’s not even including all the packing material AND the heavy fortified fiberglass box we have to use to ship all the bases in!

It’s no wonder that other designers I know often leave their stands behind when they pack up to go home. They say they’d rather buy new ones EVERY market and only pay for one-way shipping! Sounds crazy but they’re probably the smart ones! I just can’t make myself throw them away every time and even if I did my husband would be right behind me picking them out of the trash and mailing them back home for me.  hahaha  (you laugh, but I am NOT kidding!)

On the other hand, it kinda makes me sick to think of what we’ve spend in shipping these stands back and forth to the last eight Markets! So with all this in mind, it gives me GREAT pleasure to show you the single most exciting find so far in 2013! (Maybe even of 2012 AND 2011!)



And here’s the deal… our breakthru came from perhaps the most unlikely of sources…our PRINTER! He suggested that we check out the website of a local supplier he was using, saying there were a few items we might be interested in, and almost immediately I saw it… and right away I knew, it was…

The World’s GREATEST Handbag Stand!

And check it out! It weighs less than 10 ounces! So if I carry 18-20 of them to a show, that’s less than 12.5 pounds! It’s easily adjustable from a low of 18″ to a high of 42″, PLUS the upper shaft can be removed to allow for more protective packing.

Needless to say we’re pretty stoked about trying these out and guess what, we ‘ll be able to do just that TODAY when we travel to Raleigh for the Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, our very 1st retail show. Of course Raleigh is so close that we wouldn’t be shipping our supplies there anyway, but it will save us carrying 2 very heavy boxes into the convention center, and that’s a good thing too!

Stay tuned for our next post in this series when we show you how these stands actually look in use, and if any of you have a need for store or show display items I would suggest you check out


The products I bought were good quality and the service and turnaround time was excellent!


Now it’s YOUR turn!

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  1. Thank you for this post and the link. I have been just researching where to purchase stands. I’ve had back surgery so lifting anything heavy is a no-no. This sounds perfect. I hope they are good quality. They don’t have the elegant look of your other stands, but hopefully, people will be looking at the handbags anyway!

  2. Thank you so much for the link, for the handbag stands!
    I’ve called them already, and they were so helpful, we will definately be doing business with them, and they aren’t that far away from me, so I can get shipments within 1 day! I’m really thrilled!!!

  3. I saw you using these in your other post showing your show setup. Thought you might be able to just lay the purse pattern across the bottom on the rack and the pattern would be really handy right under the bag. Hope you have a great show!

  4. I’m glad the link is of use to some of you. They provided VERY good customer service. The quality is decent, but the price is so good, they are almost throwaways anyway. They are definitely worth it for us to use, because the shipping is SO exhorbitant for the others!

  5. maravilhoso…..os produtos

  6. I just wanted to thank you at this late date. I just ordered and received my stands. I don’t seem to be having trouble with them tipping, but intend to put something on the base anyway. the people who sell these ought to give you a deal if you need any more, as I’m sure lots of people ordered from them. For me they are perfect. I’m doing a very large craft show Thanksgiving weekend and these are a definite addition to our booth. Good luck at Market.

    • I’m glad you like them. They will really save us a LOT of money in shipping over the stand we were using which were incredibly weighty!