Light Me Up!

I know its hard to believe, but in the Spring Quilt Market is HERE! As a matter of fact, as you are reading this we’re either in the process of making our way to Kansas City, MO, or we’re already there getting ready for the opening bell!

And here’s the deal, I’m CONSTANTLY trying to make our booth more attractive and more functional, while facilitating the shipping process and of course, cutting my costs wherever possible.

Take our Booth lighting for example.

When we first starting using lighting in our booth, we did like most folks do, we rented lights from the Quilt Market. but WOW, it’s expensive!

The we found these little clip-on lights from Home Depot. They weren’t great, and sometimes they seem to shift around for no apparent reason (sometimes we find them pointing straight DOWN), but let’s face it, the price is right! 

THEN, we spied what in my estimation is the ULTIMATE booth lighting system in our neighbor’s booth in Houston last Fall.

This system (at left) has a long plastic bar that screws into the base of the receptacle and fits quite easily INSIDE the upright support pole. The result, is this light STAYS PUT. It’s totally stable and ultra-safe. So I figured if I could get some decent pictures of this set-up, my Dad might could duplicate it when we got home, and my neighbor graciously agreed to let us shoot a few shots.

So here’s my Dad’s version, that we’ll be debuting in Kansas City. I have no idea what these items are called, but the materials were so inexpensive that we asked Dad to make us up TWO of them, one for each side of the Booth.

Here you can see the stabilizing pole that will fit INSIDE the support pole, AND Dad included extra-long cords so we won’t even need to use extension cords!

I totally love ’em and can’t wait to try them out.

As a matter of fact, our Booth will be SO brightly illuminated, that we might should both pack a pair of shades!

Great job, Dad!


Any questions or comments? I probably can’t answer them, but I’ll be glad to ask Dad!

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  1. Your dad is very creative! It would appear that you both are problem solvers in the way you create. Very interesting.

  2. I, too, had a very creative Dad. Dad could fix or figure out a way to make anything work. He is so missed by me.


  3. Just FYI, they are outdoor flood lights. I think I have the same ones on my house. Good luck at Market.

  4. Very Impressive Mr. Dad. Nice contribution to the booth. 🙂 Mary B in W-S

  5. Thanks everyone! I can’t wait to try them!

  6. Never met him but I love your dad. He is so clever. He reminds me of my departed dad. He could make or fix anything.