Let’s Make an Aisle Banner

When I posted a while back about the evolution of our Quilt Market booth, I got several inquiries about the aisle banners we created. They’re easy, schmeasy AND fun to make!

One side of our banner has just an enlarged version of
our “cat” logo, because that purple cat
is really easy to see from far away!

Here’s what you’ll need to make ONE banner:

two pieces of fabric cut 11″ X 18″
one piece of fleece cut 11″ X 18″(I used fusible)
1 1/4 yards of bias tape (I made my own)
1/4″ wide wooden dowel (15-30″ long)

First- Apply your logo or business name to the right side of your 11″ X 18″ pieces of fabric. You can do this with embroidery, applique or in my case, I just applied Wonder Under to the wrong side of my fabric cut-outs and then fused my cutouts in place.  Remember- your banner will be visible from BOTH sides, so you will need to decorate BOTH pieces of fabric.

Turn over the top edge. Your dowel will slide in here.

Next: Sandwich your fleece between the wrong sides of your banners. Align side edges.You can fuse it now… or not. Baste raw edges together.

Now- Apply bias tape to the bottom and two side edges of your banner.

Press top raw edges under 1/4″ to conceal them. Now press top edge down again, ~1.5″ to form a tube for your wooden dowel. Stitch in place.

Isn’t my banner holder the coolest? Thanks Dad!

Your banner is done now, but you still need to decide how to go about hanging it off your iron supports, which can be tough, since it will need
to be secured against a round pole.

Lucky for me, this was no problem for my Dad. He made me these nifty banner supports, which actually fit flush up against the curved side edge of my vertical booth poles. Now all I had to do was to tie wrap them in place. How did he make them, you ask?

Here’s an extreme closeup of the curved edge
that helps my banner be SO stable.

Truth is, I really don’t know, he’s a genius I guess, but here’s a close up of the curved surface on the banner support. They work perfectly! No matter how much my poles jiggle and wobble, (which is constantly), the banners never droop or fall!

this closeup of my unpainted support
will give you a good idea of how it functions

And here’s a closeup of how the support looks when it’s tie-wrapped in place (in it’s unpainted state).

End result- The banners help folks find our booth. Let’s face it, the Market floor is a HUGE and visually noisy place. But now, when shoppers lose their bearings and forget where my booth is, the purple cat can really help them out!
(It’s visible from 18 rows away. I’ve checked.)

So look for us in Houston…
                          now you know how to find us!

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  1. What number booth are you (we will get a booklet? when we come in), I want to have more than one way to find you. Can’t wait to meet you. Blessings, Janet

  2. Please come and see me in Booth #204