Our Charlotte Floorplan


it’s been a LONG time since we’ve hit the road for a show. As a matter of fact, it’s been EIGHT months since our last show, which was the International Quilt Festival in Houston! And you know what? We haven’t gone this long without leaving town since prior to 2008 and to be honest, it’s felt more than just a little bit weird! All this to say, “Let’s get this show ON THE ROAD!” And you know what? We’re actually going to be VERY busy over the next five months, with FOUR shows during this time frame.

First up-

AQS Quilt Week in Charlotte, July 30-Aug 2.

Now to be honest, this should be the easiest road show ever! First off- Charlotte’s in our back yard, only 1-1/2 hours down the road, so that means no planes to catch, no advance shipping and no hotel bill! And no, we aren’t commuting or sleeping in our car because it just so happens that our daughter and her family live in Charlotte, so we’ll be crashing there for the week which will be SO much more relaxing!

But even though we aren’t shipping off our products and supplies, we STILL have a good deal of planning to do and as usual, we’ll kick it off by taking a long hard look at how our booth display worked in Houston (diagrammed below).


So, here’s what was good and bad about last Fall’s display.

First & foremost– It was just TOO cramped and crowded in the sales area, complicated by the multi-level work surface! The tables in the area circled in green were standard height, but the tables in the pink circled area were actually counter height which is a good working height but it kinda placed us working on an angle to the customer, rather than head on (see the bold black arrow).

Secondly- what work area we had was placed between us and our notions carousels, which made it almost impossible to restock or help customers unless we left the booth and went out into the aisle, and given the crowds at Festival, this was not at ALL convenient!

So, having learned from this experience, here’s the changes we’ve made for AQS Charlotte!

These changes are subtle, and even though they probably won’t be so apparent to our customers, we’re thinking it will really help our activity flow within the booth! 🙂

First off- we’ve changed the configuration of the standard height tables (circled in green). We’ve still got pretty much the same amount of space for our handbag stands and with the 4 foot long table turned sideways, we’ll  pick up a 1′ X 2′ swatch of display area out in front which is where we’ll probably place our purse inserts. And even though it looks as though my private work area is reduced, I will also have access to some additional space UNDERNEATH the table riser which comes in handy for things I like to keep out of sight, like our cash, my camera and maybe a drink or a snack.

And finally- with my private work area relocated to the standard table height area, it really opens up some space in the counter height area (circled in pink).

As you can see, I can now work with my customers head-on (see the black arrow) with a good deal more space than I had at Festival.

I’ll also have a little demo area to my left where I can place our new design (the Wrapsody) and anything else folks are asking to see (like the concealed area of the Guardian).

And here’s the best part of this arrangment!

Just look how close we’ll be to our notions stands. Now we should certainly be able to restock our zippers and hardware from behind the counter which will be easier on us and less disruptive to customers. I should also be able to help customers find the items they’re looking for without leaving the booth area which will save time especially when we have a line forming!

So…there you have it!

And what I’d like to know now is, “can we look forward to seeing any of you at AQS Quilt Week in Charlotte”? If so, do stop in and say hello and in the meantime if you have any questions about or suggestions for our Booth, you can leave them in the space provided below!

And stay tuned for our next post in this series when we’ll show you a little preview of our bag display as well as a brand new piece of equipment that should be a “game-changer” for us!

And don’t forget, we actually LOVE questions and comments too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below! And if you enjoyed this post, please feel free to share it via FaceBook or Twitter!


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  1. Any chance of getting to the New Jersey area?

    • Sorry Nancy, but not this year. We’ll be in Chattanooga in September and of course Houston in October. We havent planned out 2015 yet though. Are there any large shows in the jersey area? I wasn’t aware of any. 🙂

  2. Hi! Looks like a good plan-sorry I can’t make it to Charlotte! I hope someday to go again to a big show-I did years ago
    when I lived on the East coast. It was overwhelming! Alot of visual stimulation! I wish you much fun & many sales, especially your new bag. I bet the Guardian will do well in that area!
    Chrissi V