July 2015 Handbag of the Month


Congratulations to Celia Oliver of Nottingham, UK!

She and her “luminous” Bellagio Bag won our June 2015Handbag of the Month” contest in a close finish over Cara of South Africa. Her prize? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“! To see her winning entry just click here!

But it’s time to reset for a new contest and we’ve got a spectacular group of TEN fantastic bags to choose from!

So…Whenever you’re ready…

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poll620First, let’s start with this gold-medallioned HipBag Hybrid by Fran Bott of Norfolk, VA. poll620cFran made this show-stopper for her sister who uses a walker. She didn’t mention what sis’s reaction was…. poll620bBut I’m betting she flipped! And I’m  thinking that’s a Card Cozy I see nestled in the hidden inner section in the picture above.
poll619And this impressive Quattro was created by Zoe Fields. poll619bHer embroidery added just the right touch, don’t you think?  🙂
And I’ll bet Carol Harshberger of Duncansville, PA looked extra special at her grand-daughter’s wedding carrying this exceptional Boho Baguette which matched her outfit. Don’t you just love the rhinestone zipper and crystal beads?
And here’s a fabric combination I really fell in love with. Vonda Bender told me that she’s not certain where she got the fabric from but when gave this Quattro to her SIL on a Saturday night, she found out later that she had given her children strict orders that they were not to wake up sick on Sunday morning, because she was carrying this bag to church no matter what!  I’m sure she was a hit!
poll622And this Wrapsody has an extra-special look! poll622cThe polka-dotted zips Shirley Allen of New Jersey added give the interior some PIZZAZZ! poll622bAnd if you look closely, you’ll see small rhinestones were added to the flap!
poll626This HipBag Hybrid is one of THREE that Linda Masters of Little Elm, TX entered in this month’s contest. She made this one for herself, along with the matching accessories at right… poll626bincluding TWO Card Cozy‘s!
poll625And if you like bling, then you’ll love this fancy modified Wrapsody that Marty Campbell made. Yep, she changed the flap shape just a tad… all the better to encrust it with rhinestones me thinks!  🙂 poll625bAnd I’m a BIG fan of the way Marty used different fabrics for the three inside pockets. It gives this interior a rich look!
And something tells me that Christie Lee of Pelion, SC is a Disney fan! She says she just LOVES this Quattro that her MIL made for her. What a lucky girl, no?
poll627And it looks like this fabric was tailor-made for the HipBag Hybrid! poll627cIt’s another wonderful creation by Linda Masters. poll627bShe said it would be a Mother’s Day gift to her mother-in-law.
poll628And Linda made this last HipBag Hybrid for her receptionist for her birthday poll628cI’d say Linda has been one busy gal, wouldn’t you? poll628bAnd now there might be several people trying to get on her gifting list!  🙂

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