January 2018 Handbag of the Month

Congratulations to Arlene Thayer of Port Deposit, MD

Her expertly pieced Flaptastic Bag was the winner of last month’s Battle of the 2nd Place Finishers  contest. Her prize? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“!

Click HERE to see a photo of Arlene’s beautiful winning bag, but in the meantime, it’s time to go back to our usual format and our 1st Handbag of the Month contest of 2018!

So…Whenever you’re ready…Just scroll down to check ’em out!

Let’s kick it off with this Flaptastic Bag in “stained glass” which was created by Diane Rhodes of Monroeville, PA. GREAT fussy cutting Diane!

And this HipBag Hybrid was created by Pam Robbins of Madison, WI. She said she loves carrying it and her sewing teacher loved her bag as well!

And Nancy Blocker of Fort Smith, AR said she made this Flaptastic Bag for a recent vacation and now she finds that its just perfect for carrying  every day!

And this impressively pieced Wrapsody is the work of Anne Arrowood of Rocklin, CA. Didn’t she do a fabulous job? And Anne also chose to double her card slot area on the interior!

And Debbie Mullinix of League City, TX walked into our booth at Quilt Festival and of course I instantly noticed her expertly made Walkabout Wallet. The see-thru print exterior was a really fun touch!
And here’s the Walkabout Wallet that Georgia Segura of Pasadena, TX showed us Quilt Festival. I bet she was the talk of Disney World when she carried this little cutie to the amusement park, right?

And last but not least, Sylvia Turner of the UK created this feline-inspired Flaptastic Bag for a friend in the USA who has SEVEN cats. She fussy-cut her fabric to strategically place the cats that looked most like those of her friend. GREAT job Sylvia!  🙂

So…there you have it!

Are you ready to vote now!Vote Click HERE whenever you’re ready!
And if you’d like to leave some love for one of more of our contestants, please feel free to do in the space provided below!

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4 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. Have voted as a feline lover and red my favourite colour, all so lovely but my vote to Sylvia Turner.

  2. Every month – I am amazed at the quality of the entries and at how hard it is to pick a favorite. I’ve taken to breaking it down into categories. Do I vote for the one I’d most like to carry myself? Do I vote for the one that uses the most difficult technique. Or do I vote for the one that displays the best quality sewing overall. This month, I went for a different category than usual. It was fun to base my choice on something different, but I’m not telling what it was 🙂 Ladies – you’re all winners in my book.