How to Replace your Ironing Board Cover

So… it turns out that folks have noticed the deplorable state of my ironing board cover and I’ve been getting a good deal of flack about it. I guess they’ve gotten a few glimpses of it in the background of a few of our other videos and have been appropriately horrified.

Truth is, I don’t have a leg to stand on. The board is HIDEOUS!

But here’s the deal. Today I’m going to take the time to silence my critics and beautify my surroundings at the same time and you know what? Since I’d be willing to bet that I’m not the only one with a repulsive ironing board cover, I video-taped the procedure!

So without further adieu… I present,
(this is a 7+minute video, so I suggest you start the download, 
then go get yourself something long and cool to drink. 
When you get back here, it’ll be ready to watch!)

How to Replace Your Ironing Board Cover from Kathy M Southern on Vimeo.

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  1. What a great video!! I’ve read several written tutes on how to make your own cover and this is 100% better than anything I’ve seen – thanks for sharing!

  2. Lol wow, that is gross! I’ve changed my ironing board cover out twice now because I kept finding cute ones at the store. My current one is a pretty green with white vines all over it. It matches my quilting studio!

  3. That was an awesome video! And how easy was that? I am going to make my mom a new iron board cover. The one she has now is in good condition but she wants it to be more cushiony. Thank you so much for sharing your tips and video.

  4. Terrific! Thanks a bunch! Glad you enjoyed it and I hope its helpful!
    Maybe we’ll make the world more beautiful… one ironing board at a time!

  5. Loved the video thanks for sharing your skills and knowledge.

  6. Great video and very easy to understand each step. This makes me want to go cover my own ironing board right now!! Thanks so much for sharing. Huggles

  7. Thanks for sharing! Been thinking I need to do mine – YES IT IS WORSE THAN YOURS! I love your mini ironing board, looks alightly larger than mine and you have a place to put iron. What brand is it and where did you get it?

    • Sorry Laura, but I’ve had this board for a LONG time (no surprise there, right??) I can’t begin to remember where i got it. It IS a good size for handbags though. 🙂

  8. I recover my large ironing board all the time because the store bought ones are a tad to small. I do mine almost like you did with yours but instead of a string which gathers it I use elastic, Makes for easy adjusting of the gathers.I pin the elastic after adjusting. I am going to use your idea of the crosswise supports. Think I will use mitten clips with elastic.

  9. I need to find a decent ironing board! I bought one molded out of plastic, and it’s cracked in 4 places. I like to solid with holes as opposed to the net style. Any ideas where to find one online?

  10. Here is a chuckle for you. I used to own a Doll House shop and thought my Mother might enjoy making a room box as she wouldn’t have room for a dollhouse. So I sent her the room box, supplies to make it into a Quilt shop, as she likes to quilt besides other crafts. My thought was this would be great as I could send her little things to put in it through out the year, too. Take in mind that at the time she was in her 70’s. I had a very in expensive ironing board and iron and sent it off to her with a notation that if she wanted to make it look more realistic she could tea stain a bit of it. Her reply back to me was “my own ironing board has never been scorched and I wouldn’t want my little one to have stains on it either.” LOL I guess she put me in my place. Love, Phyllis