Quilt Market 2017- Stealing the Show


as many of you know from our pre-Market posts, earlier this year we had both of our sweet kitty guys “cloned” so that we could bring a version of “Your Almost Daily Purr” to the show with us because,

a) SO many of you have indicated a desire to “meet” them and,
b) we miss them terribly when we’re away!

What we were REALLY looking forward to seeing was what kind of reaction the attendees would have when they saw them!  We figured they would at least make for some interesting conversation and hopefully add an added degree of fun to what can sometimes be very long show hours. And let me tell you, the reaction by almost everyone was nothing short of ….


You might even say they stole the show! There was almost constant finger-pointing, and double-takes and delighted squeals! Some customers came back to our booth with husbands or friends in tow to see them. A few even accused us of having taken our beloved pets to a taxidermist pronouncing them as “creepy”.

Lots of folks asked to pet them and there was many a selfie taken with one of our sweet guys in the background, because according to some, there was a remarkable resemblance to one of their beloved pets! There were even a couple of bonafide offers to BUY our cloned pets. For this reason I lost count of how many times I passed along the contact information for Cuddle Clones! After all, why buy a clone of one of my pets when they can get an exact replica of THEIR pet?

So…. since the reaction to our guys was so overwhelmingly positive, I contacted the good folks at Cuddle Clones upon my return home and suggested that they send me some of their business cards to share at our next show, but here’s the deal, they went one better than that! They even gave me a coupon code (STUDIOKAT) to share with you! It’ll entitle you to 10% off EVERYTHING on their website! How cool is that?

In closing… thanks so much to all of you who stopped by our booth at the Quilt Market & Festival in Houston, TX! And if you’re in the vicinity of Ontario CA, Paducah KY or Virginia Beach VA, we’d love for you to drop by our booth to say hello and meet our sweet kitty guys!

If you use the discount code (STUDIOKAT), or click through and make a purchase, I receive a commission at no additional cost to you. I have paid for both of my Cuddle Clones personally & because of this and my total satisfaction with the process & the product I feel that I can recommend them to you without hesitation.


So… How about YOU!

Do YOU have a special pet (past or present) that you’d like to get cloned in this way?
And don’t forget, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.

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4 Comments So Far, You're Next!

  1. I was just a little concerned that you found a very good taxidermist!! Love how much they look like your kitties, and can only imagine how much joy they gave you and all who saw them. Any thoughts about a new product line in your future???

    • If you mean a product line of stuffed animals, no way! The good folks at cuddle Clones have this product down pat! I wouldnt want to compete with them! 🙂

  2. My question is about the fur. Is it soft?.