Getting Organized- Reality or Pipe-Dream?

One of the things I look forward to the most about getting into my new studio, is to organize my sewing stuff in a way that makes it easy to use. I don’t know about you, but I am far more inspired by seeing beautiful fabrics, pictures and scenery than I am boxes and stacks of notions. So as I contemplate what my goals are for the new studio, I’m looking for ways to organize the things I use close to hand…. but out of sight!

But here’s the deal, I am finding that as big as the sewing industry is, there really are very few products out dedicated to the needs of sewers! Am I the only one that finds this weird?

I would LOVE to get most of the stuff which now surrounds & overwhelms me in my current area (in various boxes & receptacles) neatly organized into drawers and cabinets, which is why I began searching for organization products BEFORE shopping for furniture!

Here’s a thread organizer I found online on the Haka site. Looks PERFECT doesn’t it? It’s a little pricey though ($23.46 plus shipping & tax). But a smart cookie in my Facebook group suggested I look at spice rack organizers and VOILA!

LOOK what I found in the local SpaceSavers at a fraction of the cost ($12.99 plus tax). It’s VERY similar AND both sides expand to fill your drawer space completely! Yeah I know my thread collection doesn’t look as good as theirs, (whose does???) because my spools are of so many different sizes and shapes, but I still love it because now i see all the colors so easily. Notice how many color duplicates I have? (I’m hoping this new system will cut down on that.) But the best part is, when I close the drawer, its outta site! YES!

So… while I was there, I thought I check out what other drawer organization supplies they might have and this is what I found!

I think this little beauty would be perfect for a lot of my other items and it EXPANDS to fit the size of the drawer I place it in! How cool!

Or what about this one? It doesn’t have the expanding feature of the other units, BUT what I like is that all of the thinner dividers can be moved about to make larger or smaller spaces as required!

Interestingly enough, the packaging of this particular unit indicated that it was being marketed specifically for scrap-bookers. Hmmm… But that’s OK. I can really make this little unit work for me!

I took these three units to my prospective cabinet maker yesterday, and since they are all relatively the same size, “we’re” going to conjure up a cabinet that will make me the self-proclaimed QUEEN of sewing organization. (Anything will be an improvement!)

But that’s starting to sound like a new post…So stay tuned for MORE!

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  1. Actually, I’ve found that if I can find things that aren’t “geared for sewing” they are MUCH cheaper. For example: tackle box with compartments, etc. at a big box discounter a few bucks, if it’s sold for sewers? Many more dollars. Good luck with the quest.

  2. I’m with Meredith on that notion. I have very few organizers that were marketed for sewing and crafts!

    I’m so pea green over your new studio. Next time I’m in W-S you may see me sneaking around your house to get a peek!