Eye Candy

One of the things I enjoy MOST about our new StudioKat Designs Group page on FaceBook is seeing the gorgeous bags our customers make while using our patterns! Not only are they beautifully made, and beautifully photographed but they’re also “too beautiful not to SHARE“!

So here’s my favorite “Eye Candy” all posted during the month of September 2018


Peggy Davis said she LOVES the security of having that roomy back pocket of her Sling Along secure against her back. She says its the perfect place for her wallet when she travels!

And Don Distler is back again this month with yet another unique and unusual take on of our bag patterns… this time he used sugar skulls fabric for a very lively Baggalista!

Barbara Claybrook modified the interior of her Walkabout Wallet so she could store her glucometer & test strips! How clever!

Turns out I’m not the only lover of black & white! Audrey Ferguson obviously is a big fan as well having made up her Quattro & matching PortaPockets PLUS purse insert in a black & white combo!

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Odyssey featured on our page and Susan McPartland‘s Odyssey is especially yummy! I love the tapestry look of the front flap ! Great fussy cutting Susan!


And the “Quattro Queen” (Cheryl Maass) is back this month with yet another amazing Quattro! It blows my mind how many incredible butterfly fabrics she’s able to find and make work for her! And once again, this bag is fantastic!

Agnes Smith followed our lead and used the NY Skylines fabric for her Sling Along and did an exceptional job with the fussy-cutting I must say! She said it was one of the more challenging but rewarding projects she’s done. Her sister is the lucky recipient of this beauty!

And here’s Georgia Segura with another stunning Quattro! Georgia said the Quattro is her all-time favorite bag pattern!

And based on the fabrics that Cathy Drevniok chose to use for her Sling Along, it would be hard to say which she loves better… parrots or butterflies! Either way, this bag is awesome!

And finally, we have Joy Carr and her “crabby” Sling Along! I’m thinking Joy’s gathering a lot of attention whenever she goes carrying this impressive bag!