Eye Candy for March 2019

So… are you ready to see some fantastical bags?

ALL of the bags pictured below were created using our patterns & either shared on our FaceBook Group page , mailed to us directly or posted on Instagram! This month’s bags are not only beautifully made but they’re also beautifully photographed too! In short, they were in fact “too fantastic not to SHARE”!
So with that said….

Here’s my favorite “Eye Candy for March 2019!

Don Distler is back with a new Sling Along creation which he fondly has named his “SLING PUNK” version! I love the creative genre he’s invented and I ADORE this bag! Great job as usual, Don!

And Sarah McNary loved her Uptown Saddlebag SO much that she just HAD to make a 2nd one, this time using leather from a coat she bought in Disneyland many years ago!! Is this an amazing make or what?


Noreen Saukko use gold-printed denim for the main exterior fabric for this Guardian, and added synthetic leather for the base & RFID fabric to prevent card hacking!

And Virginia Compton‘s 8-year old granddaughter was so disappointed when her sister & Mom got Sling Along bags for Christmas so she made this little beauty for her birthday which is in March. She said its not fancy but that you can never go wrong with Mermaids and glitter!

So true Virginia!

And Barbara Blasey embroidered the emblem you see gracing the front pouch of her Sling Along and what a classy and rich-looking bag this is!
Celia Anne Oliver (otherwise known as the “Bellagio Queen“) is back with a new creation! Celia use wool for the exterior and lined it with a Gustav Klimt design because she loves for a bag to POP when it’s opened!
And Liz Flynn said this is the 2nd HipBag Hybrid she’s created because it’s her favorite handbag pattern!  🙂
And here’s a gorgeous Gadabout that actually just appeared in my booth at the Road to California show in January… along with Mary Dettmers of course! 🙂
And I totally fell in love with this wonderful GoGo Compact from the moment I saw it at Road2Ca last month! Cate Shaffer said she used upholstery fabric on  the exterior and drapery taffeta on the interior for a totally STUNNING look!
And finally, get a load of this totally FUN Walkabout Wallet that Leta McDowell fashioned from NY fabrics.

So there you have it!

These are the bags I thought best qualified as “Eye Candy” for the month of March 2019. I hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I did and if you’d like to join our new FaceBook group page to see these types of posts and SO much more, just click HERE. And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.


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