DIY Bobbin Holders

So….am I the only one 
who has a bobbin collection that looks like this??? 


 Some how, I think not! 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tried to pick a bobbin out of that mess
only to have two others”jump out” and take off across the floor!
BOY that makes me mad!

And yeah, I know you can buy those little stretchy things that look like 
miniature ponytail holders to wrap around them and keep the thread
 all in place. I’ve tried those, and besides being rediculously expensive,
 they totally obscure the thread color on the bobbin
 unless there’s a whole lot of thread on it. 
But here’s the deal, a couple of days ago a friend of mine let me in on the best way in the world to make my own bobbin holders and everything you need you can pick up in a hardware store! 
  •  Clear Flexible Tubing: the size I used was 3/4″ OD and 5/8″ ID. (Found in the plumbing department at your local hardware store.)
  • A sharp razor blade knife
Ready to get started? 

First, Carefully cut little sections from your tubing. I made mine a little over 1/4″ wide
(or depending how you’re looking at it, a little under 3/8″ wide).

Next, make a slice in your ring so you can open it up.

Now just wrap your plastic ring around the thread inside your bobbin
and VOILA! That’s it!!!

The ring should fit easily within the bobbin case securing your thread in place 
where it belongs. And the thing I love best about these little holders,
is that you can easily tell what color the thread color is 
regardless of how much or how little thread is on the bobbin!

So… what do ya think?
Is that easy or what??

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  1. I am soo in love with this. Bobbins are all over and threads are all tangled. thank you for sharing.

  2. Barbara in Muncie

    Someone (maybe you)should find a way to produce this for those who are not handy?

    • Believe me- I am NOT handy!
      But this is super easy! As you can see, these little cuts do not have to be even or particularly pretty to be effective.
      My bet it- you CAN do this! 🙂

  3. What an awesome idea! Thanks!!!

  4. Oh my gosh!! What a great idea!! Why didn’t we think of this earlier!?!?

  5. Brilliant idea! I heard about this somewhere or another years ago, but never tried it. I’m glad you reminded me! I have a bobbin holder-thingie, but it never really holds the thread ends from staying put, and once they escape, there’s no holding them back! I’ll have to check my longarm bobbin size to see if it’s the same in the center. Happy Mother’s Day!

    • This is the only thing I’ve found that works AND allows you to easily see what color thread is on the bobbin! Thanks and Happy Mother’s Day to you too! 🙂

  6. OMG! Going to the hard ware store TODAY!!!!! Thanks!

  7. I like !!!!!!!! ( eu gosto)!!

  8. What a wonderful idea. Just goes to show you are so imaginative!! Thanks for sharing this idea. I am going to go to hardware store and gobble up some tubing. Huggles

  9. BRAVO! Doing this Today!

  10. That is a 5-star idea!!

  11. Great idea,easy and inexpensive way to organize and saves time too.

  12. Got the tubing today and my son made 20+ for me! They are fantastic. Thanks for sharing

  13. I Use a Pill case that is big enough for a months supply.You can fit two per section and you can see the color show through the plastic!The tubing idea is fantastic. Thanks

  14. That’s a great idea, because even though I have an organizer, somehow the bobbins end up with the string a mess. Think, I will be getting after it.

  15. Oh my goodness. . . pure genius! Thanks, I will try this today! 🙂

  16. Don’t you just love that idea! I have been doing it for years, I just thought everyone knew about it! LOL the nice thing is that they never wear out and the price is right!

  17. What a wonderful idea! This is something I need to do!

  18. great idea!! I plan to try this, but I sew with 3 different groups of ladies (quilts and crafty things) so my bobbins travel a lot, and I keep my bobbins in plastic tubes that are sold for storing quarters for coin collecting. the fit is perfect and the lids screw on so they don’t come out. They are clear so you can see the color of thread on the bobbins inside. The ends do sometimes come unwound a bit but not terribly bad so I hope these tubing pieces will fit on the bobbin and inside the plastic tubes. That would make both good techniques into one perfect one!

    • Great idea McCheryl and thanks for sharing. Generally I think the tubing pieces do not extend beyond the width of the bobbins, BUT if its all dependant on the amount of thread on the bobbin. If the bobbin is absolutely full, then the plastic tubing may indeed make the bobbin a tad wider.

  19. Thanks for sharing this great idea. I saw this a couple of years so and I always forget to buy the tubing. 🙁

  20. I purchased a foam sheet half an inch thick and cut it to fit a shallow drawer. I cut out rows of slots to fit my bobbins – side to side they are the diameter of the bobbins, back to front they are the height of the bobbin and I cut the slots deep enough so that they will sit down inside. They don’t roll around and the color of the bobbin is visible (I have many since I have an embroidery machine!)

  21. another idea, that I use, to keep your bobbins neat and in place is to use the toe separated that are used in pedicures. Make sure the end of your bobbin thread is on the inside and place the bobbin in each section. You can see the color thread and they don’t unwind.
    then I just throw them all in a draw stacked.
    love, love your idea though Kathy!

  22. I heard of this idea years ago but never did anything about it. I am also a machine embroidery person, and have many partial bobbins in many colors. I’m thinking I can mark the thread color number on the plastic tubing with a Sharpie. Then I’ll be able to tell one color from another.

  23. This is a good idea. But……cut the slit first and then utility shears will allow a more even piece!

  24. So AWESOME!! Why didn’t I think of that, lol! I actually use the little cloth pony tail holders, I try to match up the colors. But will be on my way to get some tubing! Thanks so much! Will share link on my blog!