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  • This Year’s “Road” Show

    So… with this year’s Road to California show in the books, its time to let you know how it went, and to be honest  we can sum up the entirety of the show in one single word, and that would be… AWESOME… totally AWESOME! First of all, when we walked into the Convention Center on […]

  • Rollin’ Down the River

    So…. just a few weeks ago we returned from an INCREDIBLE 2-week adventure overseas! Now if you’re a regular follower of our Blog, then you know that we do quite a lot of traveling over the course of the year, but almost ALL of it is in conjunction with the business, so while we do […]

  • Psipsinas on Parade

    So… before you start firing off those emails to me about that crazy word in this blog title, I learned this word from a couple of knowledgeable locals while on vacation in Greece a few weeks ago. They told me that it’s the Greek word for pussy cat and it’s pronounced “pseepSEEna”. Why you might […]

  • The Greek Islands 2014

    So… if you’re one of my FaceBook friends, then you know that we just got back from a fabulous cruise through the Greek Islands, but you know what? I’ve been on cruises before, but only river cruises, ie; ALWAYS within sight of land. NEVER out on the open water. And I’ve got to tell you, […]

  • Bon Voyage… to ME!

    So… Something very exciting is happening today! Today we’re turning off the computers, silencing our phones, shutting down the studio and getting on a plane that’s headed…. HERE! Can you guess where we’re going? If you guessed Greece, then you are RIGHT!  I’m so excited that I just about can’t stand it!!! After spending a […]

  • The Pause that Refreshes

    You’ve probably been there.You’ve been working LONG hours trying to get a project finished on time.But it seems like every time you cross something of that to-do list,another couple of things get added!That deadline is looming, and you’re starting to feel like your spinning your wheels. So you start working longer,staying up later,But is that […]

  • A Rhine River Slide Show

    Since so many of you have asked for details about our recent river cruise, I thought I would share this little slideshow with you. It’s a VERY condensed version of our trip but it does give you a little taste of the Rhine River as we experienced it. Cruising The Rhine River Slideshow: StudioKat’s trip […]

  • Not Your Average Super-Hero!

    So… today was the anniversary of our nation’s birth and that generally means hot weather, picnics, fireworks, pool parties, parades, and a day off from work for most of us.  But here’s the deal, I very rarely take a complete day off from work, unless I leave the house and get completely out of town… […]

  • Our Canadian vacation

    So we just got back from our train trip thru the Canadian Rockies and I just have one thing to say… We had a BLAST! We went with 2 very dear friends and believe it or not, after 600 miles of train tracks and 5 different hotels, we’re STILL friends & we came back with […]

  • Beautiful Salt Lake City

    From the moment I heard that the Spring 2011 Quilt Market would be in Salt Lake City, UT, I was pumped! I just LOVE going to new places and figuring out the local terrain. You know… the transit system… the best places to eat… the fun places to shop… And Salt Lake City is completely […]