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  • AQS Paducah 2019: One More Try!

    So… you might remember from a previous post that we were NOT very happy with the results from our 2018 AQS Paducah show… so much so that we asked to be moved to the Expo Hall for 2019. So when we found out in November that there would indeed be room for us in that […]

  • This Year’s “Road” Show

    So… with this year’s Road to California show in the books, its time to let you know how it went, and to be honest  we can sum up the entirety of the show in one single word, and that would be… AWESOME… totally AWESOME! First of all, when we walked into the Convention Center on […]

  • NEW for Road to California 2019!

    So…. we’ve got some BIG changes coming up for the 2019 Road to California Quilter’s Conference this month! Now I know you’re probably thinking… “Why on earth would you change anything about your booth after how FANTASTIC the shows in Houston were in November?”  And you know what? Normally I’d say you were right, we […]

  • Freight Woes & a Possible Solution (I hope!)

    So… it’s that time of year again! It’s time to figure out a way to get all of our freight to Ontario, California for the Road to California Quilter’s Showcase! Actually… I started working on getting our freight to California just before Thanksgiving, because here’s the deal… whether we’re shipping to Houston or to Ontario, […]

  • Our Goals for 2019

    So… in a recent post , I told you about some of the things that worked well for us in 2018, as well as some of the things that didn’t quite go as I had hoped. And now, with our 2018 assessment completed, I’m ready to talk a bit about our goals for the new […]

  • Quilt Market & Festival, Houston 2018

    So… as you might suspect, the two weeks that we spend in Houston each Fall for the Quilt Market & Festival are ultra-important for us. Black Friday may fall on the Friday after Thanksgiving for most other businesses, but our Black Friday typically occurs sometime in between these two shows! Consequently we’ve grown to love […]

  • The Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival – the Highlights

    So… we’re back from our very 1st MAQF (Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival) and most of you know that we’ve waited several years for the chance to vend at this show and you know what??? It was well worth the wait! But here’s the deal, you might remember from a recent post that the booth we were […]

  • Road to California 2018 – the Highlights

    So… with the 2018 edition of the Road to California Quilter’s Conference “in the books”, it’s time for us to show you what we deemed to be the highlights of this year’s show! First off, our booth set up was basically the same as it was in Houston for Quilt Market & Festival with one […]

  • Concerning AQS Paducah 2017 –

    So… we’re back from AQS Paducah 2017, which was our last show of the season and our fifth in a span of 6 months. It was a good show for us, but between you and me, I am SO ready for a long stretch of time at home. We’ve covered a lot of ground in […]

  • AQS Quiltweek Daytona Beach- the Recap

    So… you might remember from a previous post that this year we decided to add the AQS Quiltweek Daytona Beach to our show schedule (in addition to Road 2 Ca, AQS Paducah & Quilt Festival in Houston). And now that we’re back and things have pretty much settled down to normal, it’s time for the obligatory […]