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  • Personalize your Bag Interior w/Elastic Slot Holders

    So… if you ever used or created an wallet or a bag with elastic slot holders, then you know how convenient they can be for storing pens, lipsticks and other small items you want quick access to! It’s also an effective way to keep small, important items from sloshing around in the bottom of your […]

  • Smooth Curves Ahead

    So… if there’s anything I’ve learned after 14 years in the pattern designing business, its that there’s a LOT of sewists among us that tend to take issue when it comes to two basic areas of sewing… and that would be either installing zippers, sewing on curves… or BOTH! And in this post I’m going […]

  • 10 Tips for New Designers

    So… it’s hard to believe but we’ve actually been business as an independent pattern designer for almost 15 years now and here’s the deal….  during that time we’ve seen what amounts to a HUGE turnover in pattern designers! With only a few notable exceptions, the folks who were designing patterns when we were newbies have […]

  • SIX Ways to Create a Stand Out Bag Exterior!

    So… if you’re in the process of working out the details of the bag you want to submit to the 2018 Road 2 California Bag Challenge, then it’s pretty good bet that you’ll be interested in figuring out a way to make YOUR bag stand our from all the rest of the entries, right? And […]

  • On Diet & Exercise

    So… I took BOTH of my cats to the vet at the same time a couple of weeks ago… ALL BY MYSELF! Now I know that may not sound like all that big a deal to you because after all, people all over the world do that everyday, right? But not so in MY house!  […]

  • A New Market Walkabout

    So… you may remember that back in April of this year, one of our prized Walkabout Wallet samples got up and “walked” out the door at AQS Quiltweek Paducah. Of course we were disappointed and discouraged about this. Let’s be honest, we were pretty angry about it for quite some time! But once we had […]

  • Covering Your Bag Strap (part 2)

    So… in an earlier post, I showed you how to cover a plain nylon strap with fabric so that it coordinates perfectly with the bag you’re carrying… because life’s too short to carry around a boring black or navy bag strap, right? And at the conclusion of that post, I told you that for our […]

  • The Stiletto & Pressing Tool

    So… Last Fall at Quilt Market in Houston Annie Unrein (of gave me one of her products to try. She didn’t ask me to review it or anything… she just thought I might like it and I’m here to tell you that I DID! It’s ByAnnie’s Stiletto & Pressing Tool and now I don’t […]

  • Covering Your Bag Strap (part 1)

    So… you’ve probably heard the saying that “the devil is in the details”, right? Well, when it comes to handbag-making, I think the it’s the details that actually make or break the bag! And today I’m going to show you an easy-schmeasy  way to add some beautiful detailing to any bag because I’m going to […]

  • Dealing With Rejection

    So… most people think that because I run my own business out of my home that I get to work in this happy little insulated bubble where I only have to do the things I want to do without interference from the outside world. And you know what? Most of the time they’re right. It’s […]