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  • Mag Snap Placement- the Easy Schmeazy Way!

    So… when was the last time someone gave you a suggestion that made so much sense and made life so much easier that all you could say in response was…. EUREKA!! Well, in my case, I can tell you EXACTLY when that happened! It was last week! That was when when I got the testing […]

  • An Repurposed Infinity Scarf Tutorial

    It seems like scarfs are the hot accessory item this year. And of course this year the new “thing” is the “infinity scarfs”. Yeah, it’s a fancy name for what amounts to a circular scarf, (no fringed ends).  But here’s the deal. I don’t knit…. and I don’t crochet… but as you know,I do know […]

  • A Repurposed Apron- the Black Version

    In a recent post we showed you a repurposed apron we fashioned from a favorite old pair of blue jeans, and I have REALLy enjoyed wearing it around the house! But here’s the deal…I wore it at the Quilt Market last Fall in Houston for lack of a better alternative and also because I just […]

  • A NEW Free Pattern: an EZ E-reader Cover

    So…. I was checking my email the other day and I could tell by the subject lines, that one of them was an entry for our monthly Handbag contest, which was great because I always love getting bag pictures from our customers. And since this particular entry was from Diane Rhodes of Monroeville, PA (one […]

  • Braiding- An Easy Bag Embellishment Pictorial

    (This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.)   So… in our last post I showed you our new design, The Guardian all dressed up retro-style in Michael Miller fabric. And here’s the deal, once the details of a […]

  • How to Replace your Ironing Board Cover

    So… it turns out that folks have noticed the deplorable state of my ironing board cover and I’ve been getting a good deal of flack about it. I guess they’ve gotten a few glimpses of it in the background of a few of our other videos and have been appropriately horrified. Truth is, I don’t […]

  • FREE Download- Repurposed Denim Apron

    So, in a previous post I showed you the denim apron that I fashioned out of a beloved old pair of blue jeans. In that post I promised to upload the pattern pieces and a color pictorial based on the response to that post. Well… the response was quite incredible, and just so you know, […]

  • A Repurposed Jeans Apron

    If I’ve learned anything in the past few years, it’s that I am HARD on a work apron. I bet I’ve gone thru 5 different aprons, all of which have had to be patched and repaired many times each. I’ve tried all types of fabric, even reinforcing the fabric with various interfacings, but nothing seems […]

  • Sew-In Magnetic Snaps- A quick videotorial

    So… we’ve had a few requests for a video detailing the installation procedure for our new invisible sew-in magnetic snaps, and here it is. We’re linking this video with a QR code that will printed on the back of the retail package in the near future because we’ve found that our snaps are being used […]

  • Back to School

    (This post is part of a continuing series focusing on home-based business startups.) Another critical step in the year-end assessment process is to establish some goals for the future, both long and short-term.This is the fun part. I get to dream BIG, learn something new, take a chance and step out of my comfort zone. […]