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  • Great Project Photos- It’s Really NOT Hard!

    So… we’re constantly receiving handbag pictures from our customers, and there’s very few things I like seeing in my Inbox more than project pictures. They really make my day! And the majority of the pictures we receive are well-taken, well-composed and well-thought-out, but you know what? Every now and then I get a picture that […]

  • Watermarking Your Photos: the Why & How

    So… in our last post we detailed EIGHT ways in which photography can help grow your business, and as we mentioned in that post, there are some very legitimate reasons that online retailers are hesitant to allow their pictures to be shared. Let’s face it, in today’s digital world, it’s easier than ever to steal […]

  • “Your Almost Daily Purrr”- a 2012 calendar

    Our Facebook fans know that almost every day, we post a picture of one or both of our studio cats, Jeter & Joba, and we appropriately call the segment… “Your Almost Daily Purrr”. Folks have really grown to love these two guys almost as much as we do! And here’s the deal… over the past […]

  • Product Review- Flip Video Camera

    A lot of you have written to ask me about my little video camera which I bought last fall for the express purpose of trying my hand at a little video blogging… and of course, for taking a few movies of my beautiful grandson! It’s a FlipUltraHD Video camera and I LOVE it! It’s lightweight […]

  • You Oughta Be in Pictures!

    Due to our monthly ‘Handbag Contest’, we are constantly receiving handbag pictures from our customers. And you know what? I’m going to share a secret with you. Sometimes the best-looking, most beautiful bags don’t win and more times than not, the reason is a poorly taken photograph. You’ve probably noticed this yourself. So I’m thinking, […]

  • Enjoying the View

    I moved into my new studio just after Christmas last year and I can’t tell you how much I’ve loved finally having windows. Our back yard is beautiful and I’ve been able to enjoy winter snow falls, the greening of spring, and the brilliance of summer, but nothing has been as spectacular as the past […]

  • Location, Location, Location

    You’ve seen my little squirrel friends who keep me entertained in my studio, but here’s another visitor I’ve enjoyed immensely this summer.  I’ve tried innumerable hummingbird feeders thru the years, all with very little success.  I end up with WAY too many ants & bees, LOTS of sticky goo on my porch or railings, and […]

  • A Venue with a View

    You’ve probably noticed that we’re WAY off schedule on our blog. There wasn’t a Sunday ‘Question of the Week’… and there haven’t been any no updates on our home-based business. Normally, I get a lot more done in my off-hours at Quilt Market, but for some reason I was wiped out at the end of […]

  • Comic relief

    So if you had to pick the smartest animal that God created… what would you choose? A dolphin? A chimpanzee? A dog? I would have to say that although all of those animals are indeed very smart, they would not be my choice. And that’s because in my opinion, the most intelligent, calculating, humorous and […]

  • Let it SNOW!

    Jeter & I are enjoying the view this morning. There’s about 6 inches of fresh snow and everything looks so clean and beautiful. I had gotten so I hated snow. Despised it. But that’s because for 29+ years I had a job that either required me, or someone I was responsible for, to go in […]