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  • 20 Ways to Maintain a Creative Lifestyle

    So… I get a lot of questions about creativity, mostly concerning where my ideas come from and what I do when I just don’t FEEL creative. But here’s the thing… for the most part, creativity is not something I normally struggle with. And the best way I know to climb out of a creative rut […]

  • On Digging out of a Creative Rut

    So… the harsh reality about creativity is that you just can’t turn it on whenever you feel like it. You just can’t get up in the morning and say, “Today, I think I’ll be creative!” It doesn’t work that way. Let’s take fabric for example. Sometimes it seems like everywhere I look I see fabric […]

  • On Working and Waiting

    So… I’ve mentioned before that I enjoy keeping a journal of inspirational quotes and pieces of poetry, prose or scripture that “speak” to me. And even though its rather enjoyable to go back and revisit the words that inspired me as a young adult, its quite amazing how even today, many of these thoughts and phrases still speak […]

  • Let’s Hear it for Orchid

    So… Pantone’s Color Of 2014 Is Orchid! Otherwise known as Radiant Orchid (Pantone #18-3224), it’s almost on the opposite side of the color-wheel from Emerald, which was last year’s color. Pantone’s color pick for 2014 will, in theory, have a strong presence in fashion, beauty, home design and consumer products. Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color […]

  • PPC8- The Inspiration

    So, here we are… back at “square one” again, at the start of yet another cycle of “Purse Pattern Chronicles“. And this time, it’s Cycle 8! And as usual, we’re kickin’ it off by sharing our INSPIRATION with you! But in order to explain that, I’ll need to roll the clock back a few months […]

  • On Breaking Thru a Creative Block

    No matter what your profession is, the odds say that at some point you’ve experienced a creative block, because let’s face it, everyone is susceptible and I’m no exception. To be perfectly candid, there are honestly some days when I just feel stuck, totally incapable of coming up with an original idea, let alone a […]

  • Purse Pattern Chronicles SEVEN (PPC7)- The Inspiration

    (This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.) Purse Pattern Chronicles- the 7th editionIf you’ve been a fan of our popular series, the “Purse Pattern Chronicles”, then you know that the original inspiration has varied a great deal for […]

  • 9 Ways to Maintain Your Creative Momentum

    Creativity isn’t something that can be forced. You just can’t turn it on and off at will. As a matter of fact, I’ve come to the conclusion that the best way to keep those creative juices flowing, is to develop habits that foster a creative lifestyle. So with that in mind, here are 9 practices […]

  • Rollin’ Down the River

    Just wanted to let you know that I’ll be a little scarce for the next few days… 10 days to be specific! If you’re one of our FaceBook Fans, you know its not because we’re goofing off though, it’s because we’re on a wonderful vacation, cruising down the Rhine River.  Oh I know, I could […]

  • She Blinded Me with SCIENCE!

    If you’re thinking that science & quilting just don’t go together, then you wouldn’t be alone, after all, when your average person is thinking about math and physics, it’s a pretty sure bet that they are not having warm, snuggly thoughts! But here’s the deal… the person I want you to meet and get to […]