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  • YADP: Our New Hire was a Walk-On!

      So… there’s a new kitten in our house! And the thing is, even though we didn’t pick her and even though we didn’t even see her coming, she just walked right into our lives and has taken right over! We saw her sibling first. He/she was running along the white side line on NC […]

  • Quilt Market & Festival 2017- the New Setup

    So… we’re back from Quilt Market & Festival and since I’ve had a bit of time (on that long ride home and since then) to reflect on the things we saw and experienced in Texas, I’m now ready to share a few pictures and thoughts and impressions with you! You might recall from a recent […]

  • Seeing Double

    So…. when we’re on the road at shows we get regular inquiries about our fur buddies, Pippin & Joba (aka “Your Almost Daily Purr”). After all, folks really love these guys and sometimes I think that our customers would much rather meet them than us! So when we got home from Paducah a few weeks […]

  • On Diet & Exercise

    So… I took BOTH of my cats to the vet at the same time a couple of weeks ago… ALL BY MYSELF! Now I know that may not sound like all that big a deal to you because after all, people all over the world do that everyday, right? But not so in MY house!  […]

  • A “Studio Cat” Update

    So… ever since Pippin joined us over a year ago, we’ve been fielding a LOT of questions, particularly at shows, from folks who are interested in exactly what a “studio cat’s” work entails, and if he’s progressing on schedule? Seems like everyone loves seeing what Pippin is up to, and I thought it might be […]

  • All Play & NO Work!

    So… it’s been a good long while since I provided you with an update on our new studio assistant Pippin, and you know what? Even though our he’s adorable and easily the brightest, nuttiest and most affectionate kitten we’ve ever had, we had both totally forgotten what a total “time sink” a new kitten can […]

  • Introducing: A New Hire

    So… we hired a new employee a few weeks ago. His name is Pippin and here he is. Some of you might remember that we’ve had a vacancy ever since Jeter, our senior studiocat passed away in November of 2013 after a brief but devastating illness. He was only 9 years old and I’m really […]

  • 2014- What Worked and What Didn’t

    So… as 2014 draws to a close, it’s time for us to sit down and do a long, hard assessment of what we did right over the course of the last 12 months, as well at what didn’t work out quite as good as we had hoped. You know what they say, those who do […]

  • Psipsinas on Parade

    So… before you start firing off those emails to me about that crazy word in this blog title, I learned this word from a couple of knowledgeable locals while on vacation in Greece a few weeks ago. They told me that it’s the Greek word for pussy cat and it’s pronounced “pseepSEEna”. Why you might […]

  • Life Without Jeter

    So… many of you know that shortly after Thanksgiving last year I lost a very special buddy, but you know what? I was not the only one who suffered a loss last Fall.  As badly as I was missing Jeter, I could tell that Joba was taking the loss just as hard as I was.  And […]