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  • New Studio- A peak INSIDE!

    It’s with great relief that I can tell you that I have almost reached the bottom of post-Lollapalooza “list”. I can’t believe I haven’t created anything since mid-September when I made the market bag for Moda! I haven’t even touched my sewing machine except for some repair projects for church, and it’s gotten to be […]

  • New Studio- Taking Shape!

    It’s exciting to see the room starting to take shape! The carpenters have been working hard as you can see and our plans are coming to life! Here you can see the big, lovely window looking out onto the back yard. Here’s how the studio looks from the other side. Here you see the window […]

  • A Room With a View (part 2)

    My husband has worked very hard on our backyard, clearing and planting and fiddling around, and I have thought for quite some time now, how wonderful and inspiring it would be to look out on this view while I’m sewing and designing. The fall color is like the icing on the cake! So it’s with […]

  • A Room With MORE than 1 View

    So most of you know that we’re in the beginning stages of adding a design studio onto our house. I’ve spent many hours doing research & gathering advice from experts. I also remembered that Joan Hawley (of Lazy Girl Designs) remodeled her basement into a sewing studio a year or so ago, so I wrote […]