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  • Eight Ways to Improve your Fussy-Cutting

      So… ever since we posted the pictures of our NY Skylines bag sample, we’ve had a LOT of questions about how we go about laying out the pattern pieces for a bag like this. And the truth is… even though this is a question we’ve heard a LOT over the years, it’s probably one […]

  • The Tour de Studio

    I love my studio and believe me, I know how lucky I am to have such a fantastic work area, and since so many people have expressed an interest in a closer look, (and since right now, it’s just about as clean and organized as its gonna get since the ceiling area is finally fixed), […]

  • Setting the Tables

     At last count, I have over 200 handbags in my closets, all samples of various patterns. So when it’s time to pack up for Market, it’s no easy task, figuring out which bags to take and how to arrange the display tables. When we’re in Houston, we’ll have one eight ft. by 2ft table and […]

  • Willkommen!

    So, after spending the past few days in my studio,I just have one thing to say… I LOVE IT!!! I’ve decorated a bit to make it feel more like home.Come on in… I’ll show you! Even Jeter & Joba are feeling a little more comfortable. Of course, they aren’t sleeping in here yet. They don’t […]

  • New Studio- Behind closed doors & drawers

    So today, following another morning of moving stuff down 2 sets of stairs, I took some time this afternoon to enjoy actually doing a little work in my new studio. OK, it was computer work, but increasingly it seems that’s what I do the most anyway. Here’s my new work area, pretty much set up […]

  • A Studio, at LAST!

    At long last… the studio is done! That doesn’t mean everything is moved in… but it does mean we are working hard toward that end. I very much under-estimated how long it would take, and how involved it was going to be, to gather up all the business-related stuff that was scattered about the house. […]

  • StudioUpdate- closet space!

    So…the carpet is down and I love the way it looks. Joba’s still a little on edge in the new studio as you can see, but we’re all getting more comfortable everyday. This weekend, we were cleared to start loading things into the closets. I had this secret fear that they wouldn’t be big enough. […]

  • Studio Update

    You know the finish line is in sight when the carpet starts going down, so today was a REALLY exciting day! We chose to use carpet squares so we could add a little pizzazz to an otherwise neutral room. Until today, NO ONE has seen this carpet but me and the hubster and I must […]

  • Meanwhile..on the homefront

    We may have been taking a vacation, but our builder and his crews were hard at work on our new studio. When we got home, this is what we found.The painting is done except for some touchups. The lights are all in place, the power is ON, & the Mitsubishi heat pump system is functional, […]

  • Studio Update

    It’s been a while since I’ve given you a studio update, so I thought I’d show you where we stand now. As you can see, the sheet rock is up and taped, and as of today, the windows are sealed in place. I’m so pleased with how it’s coming along. So far, it looks just […]