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  • Addressing: a Serious Issue

    So… you probably wouldn’t be surprised to find out that every now and then we find there’s an addressing issues with one of the orders we receive, and while we don’t really enjoy playing detective to correct mistakes in addressing, we understand that its just something we just have to deal with every now and […]

  • Dealing With Rejection

    So… most people think that because I run my own business out of my home that I get to work in this happy little insulated bubble where I only have to do the things I want to do without interference from the outside world. And you know what? Most of the time they’re right. It’s […]

  • Ask Kat: How Difficult are Your Patterns?

     So… Here’s a question we get asked on a regular basis, particularly at shows, and it goes something like this. People come into our booth because they want their chance to check out our bags in person. They open them up, see all the zippers and storage areas and in general how different they are […]

  • Showrooming: Does it Affect the Paper vs PDF Debate?

    So… Several month ago I wrote a lengthy piece in answer to a question we field on a regular basis from our customers, that being… “Why don’t you offer your pattern in a downloadable format?” (such as a pdf). In that post, (which you can access by clicking here), I explained our business model and […]

  • JoAnn’s Revisited

    Way back in March of 2011, I wrote what has turned out to be a VERY popular post, SO popular in fact that not only did it receive the most views AND the most comments in 2011, it has continued to get the most views and the most comments every year since!!!  And not only […]

  • HELP! There’s a Gorilla in my Booth!

    So… Years ago, Samsonite had an ad campaign involving a gorilla. The ad implied that airport luggage attendants were extremely rough on luggage (imagine that!) and that the only luggage that would in fact hold up to this deliberate mistreatment was Samsonite luggage. Enter the aforementioned gorilla, playing the role of the luggage attendant in […]

  • If you SEE Something….

    So… I guess it comes as no surprise that the issue of “Copyright” is VERY important to us…and to any designer. It’s so important to us that we’ve devoted entire posts to this issue in the past, like this one about “When is it OK to Make a Copy“, and we even listed the potential […]

  • Is FREE an Expectation?

    So… everybody loves getting something for FREE right? And you know what? I’m no exception! As a matter of fact, years ago (circa 2004) when I was struggling to get started in this business, a very wise person who I admired very much advised me to try placing a couple of free patterns out on my website. The logic? “If […]

  • Bank of America- WAKE UP!

    Can we talk about banks today?…. Something infuriating happened this week and I just feel like I need to get this off my chest! Let’s face it, the reputation of banking as a profession is probably at an all-time low right now, and rightly so!  The banks used to call it a robbery when bad […]

  • What’s On My Heart

    See if this sounds familiar to you? I was having a great day yesterday. I was working away in my little studio listening to satellite music, insulated and isolated from the outside world.Business was briskorders were coming inI had visited my printer earlier in the day and picked up the new tags for my sew-in […]