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  • Our New POS System

    So… forgetting to bring my iPad to the AQS Virginia Beach show revealed a serious flaw in our POS (point of sale) system… that being, that we had absolutely NO backup for our checkout procedure, which is pretty darned serious if you think about it! That’s because at least half of our sales at a […]

  • Adding Speed to our Checkout

    So… you might remember that last Fall we extended our stay in Houston following the Quilt Market in order to participate in our first EVER International Quilt Festival, and even though it was a success for us, there were a few things (as always) that we wanted to improve upon as we head into this […]

  • This Changes EVERYTHING!

    So…. in a recent post we gave you a sneak peek at the new website we’ve been working on for over 17 months. Not continuously of course. But a lot! Seriously… a LOT!!! But here’s the deal… It’s FINALLY DONE! And for us, this changes EVERYTHING! Now what exactly do we mean when we say […]

  • Peek at the Future

    So… you might remember that we told you in a previous post, that we’ve been in the process of upgrading our website for over a year now. Quite honestly, there have been times where I wondered if it was even possible for us to finish this project, because let’s face it, our website is so […]

  • Child’s Play? NOT Exactly!

    When was the last time you felt like everything was going your way? You know, when it seems like everything you do is easy-as-pie… s-m-o-o-t-h sailing… child’s play… a piece of cake! Well, that is NOT how I would ever have described 2012! For some reason, it seemed like NOTHING much came easy last year! […]