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  • Why Does it Take SO Long to Publish a New Pattern?

    So…here’s the way it usually goes… I’ve been working on a new bag design for few weeks. I’ve tweeked the design here, and adjusted the fit there, and at last all the pieces are going together just the way I want them to. And the best part is, I FINALLY have a completed sample which […]

  • Ask Kat: Why Don’t You Include Fabric in your Kits?

    So… Here’s a question we hear on a regular basis. They’ve seen a bag they like on our site and it’s either been made up in the colors they normally wear, or a print that really “speaks” to them, and they just can’t imagine being able to find any other fabric combination that they’d like […]

  • So You Wanna Be a Tester?

    So… in a recent post we showed you the bags that our testers created in the process of “test-driving” our new design, the Wrapsody. And just in case I haven’t said it in a while, you need to know that our testers play a totally vital and oft underestimated role in our design process. So I’m constantly amazed at how often folks […]

  • Ask Kat: Why Can’t I Enter a Non-SKD Bag in the Contest?

    So… right now it happens about once per week… someone sends me a “Handbag of the Month” entry that’s not one of our designs. Of course it’s stated clearly in the rules on the “Handbag of the Month” page that all entries must be recognizable as one of our designs, but I guess folks get […]

  • Ask Kat: About Pattern Layout Instructions

    So… sometimes folks question us as to why we do not include any layout directions in our pattern package. There have even been a few individuals who have called us (in an agitated state I might add) because they were distressed that they had too many pattern pieces that were designated to be placed on […]

  • Ask Kat: Do You Ever have a Sample Sale?

    So… As you might imagine, we get inquiries about selling our handbag samples on a regular basis. So I thought maybe it was time to finally address this question in this public forum. And here’s the thing… even though selling off our handbags is something I NEVER enjoy doing, its a little known fact that we do […]

  • Ask Kat: Will Purse Magnets Damage my Credit Cards?

    So… this is a common concern for many of our customers. After all, there’s quite a bit of misinformation circulating about the circumstances under which magnets can scramble the magnetic strip on credit cards, but you know what? I’ve been using magnetic closures in bags for years now and never EVER had a problem with a demagnetized credit card or hotel key, I’ve always […]

  • Ask Kat: About Patterns by pdf Download

    So… here’s a question we’re fielding more & more lately, particularly from our international customers. Oh, we’ve been hearing this request for years, but for some reason the appeals of late have seemed more frequent and more imploring, so I thought it might be in my best interest to more fully explain our point of view here. The subject […]