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AQS Quilt Week in Charlotte, NC is next week, and in our last post we showed you the changes we’ve planned for our booth  layout.

After taking a cold, hard look at how effective our display was at last Fall (at left) for the Quilt Festival, I came to the following conclusion…

Some improvements are in order!

v1For example– I honestly lost track of how many people walked into our booth and asked us if we had a bag with a concealed carry option. And is it any wonder? Our Guardian pattern just doesn’t LOOK like it would have a concealed area, does it? And even when I pointed this pattern out to these customers, most of them wanted me to unzip the bag and SHOW them this feature. I feared we might be losing potential customers because they either didn’t ask us this question, or we were too busy at the time for them to ask! Midway thru the show, I posted this little sign (at right), and it helped a little, but I’ve been trying to come up with a better idea ever since.

v2Along the same line, MANY folks dropped in wanting to know if we had a backpack pattern, but of course our Cosmo Convertible, (new last Fall) DID have a backpack option. But here’s the thing, It’s just not an easy thing to demonstrate this so its’ immediately noticeable to a customer. Eventually I arranged a Cosmo Convertible in it’s backpack configuration, but this really didn’t help too much, because most folks had a hard time believing that Cosmo we had on display as a shoulder bag was the SAME BAG as the backpack on the curtains.

The point being… so many of our designs are more than meets the eye. Key elements are hidden INSIDE the bag, out of view from the casual observer, and I’ve been contemplating a solution to this dilemma ever since!

And THIS is what I’ve come up with!

I decided that the best way to tell customers about the unique features our bag patterns have to offer is to with “show & tell” pictures, and what better place to display them than to put all of that ‘black space’ behind our display to good use! My plan was to display the pictures and test on foam board posters, but my printer (Immedia Print, aka Patterns to the People) had a more practical suggestion. His idea was to use vinylized banners which is WAY more practical for shipping, and much more durable for the long haul. Here’s how they came out!

GuardianBanner.jpg CosmoBanner.jpgIt’s my hope that these banners will draw attention to a some of the unique features hidden within our bag patterns.    If YOU were walking by our booth, would they catch YOUR eye? WrapsodyBanner.jpg

And now, it’s YOUR turn!

Do you think these banners will work effectively for us. I’d love to hear your thoughts, particularly if you have other ideas we can try! Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions in the space provided below and stay tuned for more pre and post-show reports!  AQS Quilt Week in Charlotte will be here before you know it!   🙂
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  1. I think you’ve found your answer! These would definitely catch my eye. I think these will make your customers happier and save you lots of frustration.

  2. I go to conferences and shows. Especially if I’m looking for one of these items, the banners are going to catch my eye. I think you are on track!! 🙂

  3. Love your new display! I wish I’d ordered the pattern for the Guardian as well as the Whapsody I ordered! It totally slipped my mind. Next time!

  4. Barbara Ballard

    Yes! Walking by and scanning the booth, these would catch my eye and make me walk in to look further and check out the bags. Good idea.

  5. The new choices are definitely more visually effective and motivating!!! Keep up the good work. Judy

  6. Oh I’m so happy to hear this. I’ll let you know how it works out after the show? 🙂
    Thanks for the encouragement!

  7. A picture is worth a thousand words! Great idea! I look forward to seeing you in Houston again in October.

  8. Great idea! Perfect! Really will be an eye catcher!!

  9. YES! I think the banners will help tremendously! And, roll up versus hard signs is good. Do you have a sturdy tube? Sometimes it is better to wrap on the outside of the tube rather than putting them inside.

    • Thanks Holly, and i agree about the outside vs inside the tube thing. Most of the time though, our supplies are MAILED in bulk so i think we better stick to the inside the tube ! 🙂

  10. These banners look great!! Looks like a good solution and professional looking!

  11. I really like the banners they do tell the whole story–but, (isn’t there always a but…) From the pictures I don’t really care for the black backdrop. The darkness would make me move on by. Now this may be a whole different story in person, but from the pictures I would be moving on. I love your patterns and really appreciate al the work you put into designing your patterns. You really test them until they are just right. Not many of you around these days. Congrats.

  12. These definitely catch your eye!

  13. Absolutely love these new signs! Have a GREAT show – so looking forward to hearing how the new booth design and signs worked. 🙂

  14. I think that the new banners are an excellent solution! They would catch my eye and answer some of my questions, also. Have fun at your show(s) and let us know how the banners work out for you!

  15. Thanks everyone and I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes! Stay tuned for more! 🙂

  16. I think the banners are a very good idea! What about having some type of mannequin or 2 to display the backpacks, etc. ? You don’t need to have a whole body type, they come in all different configurations- you could even papier mache (sp?) them.

    I so wish I could see you at the show, but my travels seem to alternate between my mother and children/grandchildren. I love your bags and would make a beeline to your booth because I’m a fan of yours. But I have to agree with Sue that it might be time for you to lighten up/brighten up/modernize your background somewhat. And I’m 62 years old, and considerably more conservative than a lot of your customers, so have to imagine that if I feel that way, the younger crowd would do so even more. I think fabrics in what they now calls “low volume” neutral tones would show your amazing talents off much better.

    Hope you sell out at the show, and looking forward to meeting you someday!

    • whoops, meant to say “what they now call” not calls

    • Thanks for the suggestions Susan-
      I’m afraid Mannequins just take up very valuable floorspace that I’d like to keep available for customers.
      And while i know some favor a lighter background- we are very pleased with the dark background. There’s no cleaning or dirt issue and I personally like the way all colors “POP” against the black. it’s all a matter of taste I know- but i seriously doubt the color of our background would honestly keep a buyer a way. 🙂