Baby Z’s Nursery; Crib Skirting


In a few previous posts, (listed in the related posts section under this post), we revealed the nursery set we recently created to welcome Baby Z (our new granddaughter) who made her entrance on March 2nd. And in response to popular demand, we created this little mini-series where so far we’ve shared the construction details, and photos for the crib sheet, the organizer, the rocker cushions, the crib bumpers, two window valances, and now we’ll conclude this series with…

the Crib Skirting

Ok, so here’s the deal.

The crib skirt I made for my grandson’s nursery back in 2010, was the kind that was attached to a half sheet that was laid under the mattress. My daughter said she really enjoyed the hidden storage area created by that crib skirt, except for one problem. As Canaan got older and by necessity the crib mattress had to be lowered, there was no easy way to shorten this skirt and as much as she hated to lose it, she missed her hidden storage area even more.

So I thought…

Why not eliminate the flat sheet & just attach the skirt directly to the metal frame? This way, as the bed frame is lowered, the skirt can simply & easily be removed, shortened and reattached. And you know what else is good about this method? There’s no need to skirt the side(s) of the bed facing the wall! Seemed like a pretty good ideas to me, so here’s what I did!


So here’s the cutting logic I used;

cribskirt21) Since our metal mattress frame was 48″ wide (on the long front skirt), here’s how wide we’ll cut our fabric (with a additional 1/2″ seam allowance on each side); (48+1)= 49″ wide.

2) AND- since our metal mattress frame was 27.5″ wide (on the short side skirt), here’s how wide we’ll cut our fabric (also with an additional 1/2″ seam allowance); (27.5+1)= 28.5″ wide.

3) Since the frame is 20.5″ above the floor at the infant setting, and we want it to add 3″ for a bottom hem (along with a 1/2″ seam allowance, we’ll cut our fabric (20.5+3+1)= 24.5″ tall. 


Now for the stripe accent pieces!

We cut the pieces for the stripe accents EXACTLY the same as we did for the Window Valences except we cut them 49″ wide for the front skirt and 28.5″ wide for the side skirt.

Putting it Together

This is easy because if you read our last post (the Window Valances) these skirts were put together in the same way except that I chose not to line them. Instead, I put a 3″ hem along the bottom and stitched a 1/2″ hem along each side and top edge.



Let’s Hang ‘Em Up

This is the part that differentiates these crib skirts from any others I’ve seen. You’ll need some office-type clips, the size of which is completely dependent on the type of metal frame that supports your crib mattress. The frame for the crib has solid metal supports that are about 1″ wide, so I used the biggest clips I could find and spaced them about 12-18″ apart. (They weren’t particularly easy to install, but they aren’t going anywhere, that’s for sure!

When it’s time to lower the bed, we’ll just take the skirt off, press a deeper hem into the top edge and them re-clip the skirt to the frame. Easy-Schmeasy!


So…There you have it!

What questions or comments might you have for me?

This completes our little mini-series on Baby Z’s Nursery. And here’s the deal… As much fun as we had making these items and showing them to you, it’s been even MORE fun now that we can enjoy them with our new little girl!   ********************************************************************************************************************     And remember, we actually LOVE comments and questions too, so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so the section provided below!


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