Baby Z’s Nursery; A Changing Table Organizer


In a few previous posts, (listed in the related posts section under this post), we revealed the nursery set we recently created to welcome Baby Z (our new granddaughter) who made her debut on March 2nd. And in response to popular demand, we’ve created this little mini-series in which we’ll share the construction details photos and tip for the items we created.

Next up– a Changing Table Organizer

I’ve been on the lookout for a cool changing table organizer pattern for a while now, because I was never really happy with the one I made a few years ago for Canaan’s nursery (McCall’s #4855). Oh it was pretty enough I suppose and it held up pretty good for a while, but NOT over the long term. The last time I saw it, it was pretty sad and droopy looking. Now here’s the thing… I bet Soft & Stable would solve most if not all those droopy issues, but I just didn’t feel like fooling with it again. I just wanted to start over fresh with something new.

organizerI had it in my head that an organizer that laid flat against the side of the table would be more suitable, so… I was pleased when I found Vogue #7245.

Turns out that it was a little too wide (24″) for our changing table, which was only 19″ wide, but that was a really easy fix. Instead of making it 24 inches wide with four pockets, I instead made it 18 inches wide with only three pockets.

Supplies List:

  • Vogue Patterns for Living #7245
  • Fabric for Organizer Front & Back: 1/2 yard of 45” wide fabric: we used “Bubbles- Bright Purple” from the Laurel Burch Basics collection. 
  • Fabric for pockets: 1/2 yard of 45” wide fabric: we used “Zany Zoo” from the Australiana collection.
  • Fabric for binding: 1/2 yard of 45″ wide fabric: we used “Ring Toss- Mango/Gold” from the Laurel Burch Basics collection. 
  • Fabric for Ties: 1/4 yard of 45″ wide fabric: we used “Ring Toss- Scarlet/Gold” from the Laurel Burch Basics collection. 
  • one 18″ by 18″ piece of “Soft & Stable by Annie”

organizer2Sewing Instructions:

I stayed pretty true to the sewing instructions within Vogue #McCall’s #7245, except for the following changes.

  1. I made the organizer an 18″ X 18″ square with three equal sized pockets on top and bottom.
  2. I used Soft & Stable for the foundation material, instead of the fusible fleece that was recommended.
  3. I added an extra tie in the center of the organizer to provide more stability under weight.

organizer3All in all, this item was an easy make. It’s pretty and I think it will also be a useful addition to Zoe’s nursery and I recommend it.

So…Now it’s YOUR turn!

What questions or comments might you have for me?

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