Ask Kat: Which Purse Insert Fits into MY Bag?

(This post is part of a new series we’ve started in an attempt to publicly answer some of the mostly commonly asked questions we receive.)This week’s question comes from Joyce H who offered an interesting solution to a very common question for us.
Joyce said she really enjoyed our purse insert video, you know, the one we created to show which of our purse inserts fit into our various handbags. But Joyce said she was having trouble remembering the details off that video and suggested that we follow it up with a spreadsheet that could be downloaded and printed or at the very least would be easier to access online than trying to find that video on our Blog.And you know what, I thought this was a terrific idea, so if you think this would be useful to you, just click here to get your copy!And also for your convenience, we’ve included this little button on our home page and also on our three separate Purse Insert pages!

So thanks for the great suggestion Joyce H,
 and I hope you all find this little sheet helpful!
So…Do YOU have a question for us
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  1. One minor suggestion on that about adding back the gridlines so you can read across the page without a ruler?

  2. I agree with shris about the gridlines and maybe you would want to consider flipping the negative on the picture or the labels on the Porta-PocketsPlus photo of the three individual units so that “small” is over the small unit, etc.

    This is really helpful and will be hanging on the wall over my work area.

  3. Great idea to make this info available and easy to read! And yes, the small Porta Pockets fits into the Uptown Saddlebag I finished this week! Love it!

    Sharon A.


  5. Thank you so much! I usually include a porta pocket insert with my purses I give to my family and friends. they love it!