April 2016 Handbag of the Month Contest


Congratulations to Cheryl Maass of Goodyear, AZ

Her butterfly-inspired Quattro was the winner of our March Handbag of the Month!

Her prize? … a $25 virtual gift certificate and a permanent place of honor in our “Handbag of the Month Archive“!

But it’s time to reset for a brand new month! You’re in for a real treat this month because we have an amazing group of NINE incredible bags for you to choose from!

So…Whenever you’re ready…Just scroll down to check them out!

poll695poll695cpoll695bLet’s kick this month off with this outstanding Triple Play by Pam Hayes who said she wasn’t quite sure she would like this color combination until she got it made up. I think it’s VERY striking, don’t you?


And since there’s butterflies in the print, then it shouldn’t surprise you that this beautiful Quattro was made up by Cheryl Maass of Goodyear, AZ. I love the little splash of teal on the side pockets!

poll694bpoll694And Julie Holm of Australia made up this Baggalista to take on a holiday. She used a lightweight denim for the exterior along w/a Van Gogh-inspired print.
Veronica Johnson of TAS, Australia told me that she substituted Soft & Stable for certain areas of fusible fleece for this Gadabout. This should really add to the life expectancy of this bag and besides that, it’s beautiful!

And in a notable departure from her usual theme, Cheryl Maass actually used something other than a butterfly print for this QuattroAnd I gotta say, I’ve never seen dragons looking SO good as they do on this bag!

poll689poll689cpoll689bAnd Sherry Tankersley of Idaho Falls, ID tells me that this is the 5th Wrapsody she’s made! I love the leather ties she used for zipper pulls!
poll693poll693cpoll693bJorji Boutte of California loved this fabric SO much that never could cut it until she found the perfect pattern to show off its beauty. This is Jorji’s 2nd Quattro as she wore the 1st one out!
poll690poll690cAnd Randy Cooper said that the inspiration for this Quattro was the Don McLean song “Vincent”. Her appliqué work on the fron & back is lovely! The words on the back read as follows “the silver thorn of bloody rose lie crushed & broken on the virgin snow”… A famous line from that song!
poll692b poll692And finally, here’s a fun Wrapsody by Linda Sinasac. She said she had fun making this bag and that she found the directions easy to follow!

So…there you have it!

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