All Zipped Up for Fall


if you’ve been following our exploits for any length of time, you know that we generally try to introduce a new zipper style to our line before each Market.

But… it’s actually been a whole year since we introduced our last new zipper, (which was the tan & white mini-striped zipper with the gold findings), and since one of the things our customers have told us they loved the most about that zipper was how fabulous it looks with the shiny gold D-rings and buckles on their handbags!

So with that in mind… we set about designing a zippertape that would look just as fantastic with our shiny silver hardware, since we actually sell WAY more silver hardware than we do of the gold. And we’re hoping you love the result as much as we do!

We’ve stocked these new grey & white Zebra-striped zippers in three of our usual sizes listed below.

  • 10″ closed bottom zippers
  • 12″ separating zippers
  • 22″ purse zipper (with two heads and closed on BOTH ends)

PLUS… we’ve added two new sizes to our line.

  • the 20″ closed bottom zipper will replace our 14″ zip. and…
  • the 20″ separating zipper will replace our 16″ separator.

The reasoning behind the size change? We get LOTS of requests at retail shows for more fashion-friendly zipper sizes, and since these zips can easily be cut down to smaller sizes (for our various handbags), they can serve BOTH purposes. (And yes we DO have plans for adding these sizes in our other zippers colors in the very near future!)

Interested in finding out more? Just click HERE to visit our zipper page!

And now…. it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what you think of our new zipper print! Does it look like a design you might consider for a future project? And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave your comments about these and any other aspects of this post in the space provided below.

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  1. Absolutely, I will use the new zipper, depending on fabrics of course. It’s a fun design, and I like that it is a mid-tone. It should work in a lot of fabrications that are too light for the black zippers. I’m glad that you now have this lighter colored zipper with the silver hardware.