A Video Intro – It’s a ‘Wrap’sody



With the release of the Wrapsody just a few short weeks away, it’s time to get in gear and do a little video-taping. You might remember from previous cycles of the Purse Pattern Chronicles, that I like to include a little QR code on the pattern cover and our other promotional materials so that no matter where our customers are, they can watch a quick little introductory video about the pattern if they have a smart phone.

Now I guess I could hire a production crew and get my video done professionally but I’m a little too  cheap slick for that. Instead, I turn my sewing studio into a sound stage for the day! It’s really not too hard and it doesn’t take a bunch of expensive equipment either (after all, I’m not trying to produce an award-winning video).

Here’s all you need to make your own videos!

1) a digital camera or smart phone – There’s just no need to spend a bunch of money on a video cameras anymore. Most all digital cameras and smart phones have a video app of decent quality.

2) a ladder – I use one of my husband’s ladders for a tripod and place my little digital camera on one of the steps. I actually like this BETTER than a tripod as long as my subject (in this case me) is straight ahead.

3) a script – I have learned the hard way to write out my script prior to filming. I generally try to keep it under 3 minutes or less. Let’s face it, I am no professional actress and if I take the time to write down everything I want to say, it saves time (and numerous extra takes in the long run).

4) make yourself some cue cards – for lack of a teleprompter, I tape my cue cards on my ladder supports. Being able to see my script keeps me from rambling and usually assures that I’ll make all the points I intended to make.

5) remove distractions prior to shooting – I can’t tell you how many times the perfect take has been ruined by the phone ringing, or the cat sashaying thru the video area, so turn off your phone, silence your computer, boot the cat out of the studio and lock the door prior to filming.

6) utilize video editing software to edit and convert your video to the correct format – here’s the thing, I handle this whole process by myself, which means I have to turn on my camera and then get myself in position in front of the camera, so I need to at least be able to edit the dead time in the beginning and the end of the clip . (I’ve been known to edit out other stuff too… like ringing telephones). I use Corel Video Studio Pro X3, but I understand that version X7 is available now. To be honest, it’s NOT all that user friendly, but then again, I may be my own worst enemy, so don’t put too much stock in my opinion!  🙂

7) Upload and share your video to the site of your choice – I place my videos on Vimeo so that my website isn’t slowed WAY down if there’s lots of people viewing the videos at the same time. When I starting doing videos a couple of years ago, I liked Vimeo better than You Tube because the upload speed was SO much faster at the time, (probably because YouTube is totally free) but the uploading speed may have improved by now, I haven’t check recently. (Alternatively, you can just upload them to your own website if your not expecting lots of traffic.) Now all you have to do is to publicize the video’s URL and folks can watch it!

And that’s all there is to it!

So now…. I’m going to give you THREE ways to view our latest video, “An Introduction to the Wrapsody“.

A) You can click on this link https://vimeo.com/92853793


B) You can use your smart phone with a QR Reader app and scan this code. (There’s LOTS of FREE QR Code reader apps available on the Internet. Just download one, scan the code and you’ll be watching this video and many others in no time!)…. or –

C) Click the “play” button on the embedded video below. (FYI- If you are receiving this post via your email inbox, this option will NOT work for you.)

So… now its YOUR turn!

Did you see anything surprising in the video? And do you think you might be inclined to try your hand at filming a video of your own now?
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  1. Awesome! Excited about this bag! Great video Kat! Now go get that pattern printed so I can make it!

  2. Thanks for the video — the purse is all I imagined it to be. Its been fun watching the creative process unfold from 1st prototype to final marketable product. The bag is bigger than I thought — which is great. Anxiously waiting it debut!

  3. Glad to see it ‘in action’. Looking forward to purchasing the pattern. (Did you intend to leave all the takes in the video, 7:57 minutes?) 😉

  4. Personally, I really like the videos you make. They are the next best thing to handling the bag myself and give more information than just pictures.

    BTW – leave the cats in. They will only enhance the videos. LOL!

    • Thanks Barbara- sometimes they sneek in without my knowing. and sometimes I find out later that they did a walk-thru. I dont mind that, but i do mind if they jump on the counter and interrupt the shoot looking for rubbies! 🙂