A Tie-Dyed Tutorial

In a recent post, we promised that we would be providing you with a detailed tutorial on how to make a large print work FOR YOU! And today, we making good on that promise.

It’s my opinion that handbags are a perfect palette for a large print such as this tie-dyed piece on the right, as well as the Alexander Henry piece that we used in this post.

Fabric choice is ultra important in this method, and what works best is a very large print with a very large repeat. Ideally, your focal point, (the design you want front and center on your purse), will be roughly in the center of your fabric, which was true for this tie-dyed piece, which was graciously provided by Vicky Welsh’s Etsy Shop. She sent me two 1 yard lengths of similarly dyed fabric for the exterior, which is more than the materials list calls for, and even though there is a significant amount of waste with this method, I had plenty of fabric. 

So with that… there’s only two things left to do…
1.get the tutorial, and
2. pick out your fabric & create a masterpiece!

And here’s the deal-Vicki is so excited about how great this Quattro looks in her fabrics, that she is now offering Quattro Fabric Kits on her website! She’s got several colorways pictured, but don’t worry, if you’re interested in some another color combination, she LOVES working directly with customers, to develop just the look their after! AND for a limited time, Vicki is offering StudioKat Designs readers a 10% discount on these kits, and EVERYTHING ELSE on her website. Just use the code STUDIOKAT at checkout to receive your discount.

So download your tutorial, then order your fabric from Vicki, and you’ll be ready to roll when the patterns roll off the presses in a couple of weeks, and stay tuned for our next post. We’re starting a new series called “Meet and Greet” and our first victim, I mean interviewee, will be none other than Vicki Welsh herself!

So how ’bout it? Who else besides me used to tie dye their own shirts back in the 60’s? (not nearly as beautiful as Vicki does, I might add!)

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  1. I am like you I sew for my small business and live in a rural town in Northern Minnesota. I have four options for fabric. Joann’s, Walmart, Ben Franklin (Under new management and deleting the fabric section) and a quilt shop. It is over an hour and a half to another nice quilt shop. But sometimes I need knit or something not quilting cotton.
    My Joann’s is always under staffed, because they only pay minimum wage. Our is very busy in side our mall, whihc is the only reason I go to the mall. I’d love a separate entrance into the store, there are not enough shopping baskets. Our Joann’s is very busy, the staff tries, but they are overwelmed and under paid. Our manager never seems to come out of her office and the restroom is marked employees only. I use it anyway. I was scolded for using it, but I could not wait and run half way down the mall to the one and only public restroom.
    There is one lady that works the cutting table that is very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I try and go in very early like you did before the store gets busy. Our store doesn’t open until the mall opens at 10 am.