A Studio, at LAST!

At long last… the studio is done! That doesn’t mean everything is moved in… but it does mean we are working hard toward that end.

I very much under-estimated how long it would take, and how involved it was going to be, to gather up all the business-related stuff that was scattered about the house. I told my husband that it will be almost like having a new house again. Since my business vacated the living areas, we have storage GALORE! (an unanticipated benefit!).

So here’s a view I really haven’t shown you yet. It’s from the bulk-entry door and looks out over the cutting table to the sewing/writing area to the computer/TV area along the windows.

Here’s a view showing the writing area to the left, and the computer area to the right. We have a really nice set of built-in shelves above.

Here’s the view you are accustomed to seeing, with the writing/sewing area on the left, out to the 4-paneled window view.

Here’s the pattern component storage area. I’m pleased that we have quite a bit of empty space to grow into.

And finally, here’s the shipping and box storage area. Again, there’s plenty of open unused for now.

I’m very much hoping to get sewing again on Monday. It will be so great to get back to work on that new pattern I started in 6 months ago. It SEEMS that way, but it was actually in November. I’ll try to post some interior shots of my fabulous cabinets tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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  1. It looks AWESOME! I’m sure you all are going to love have a dedicated space for the business! Have fun getting everything into its place and getting things started from the new “headquarters”. 🙂 New Years blessings!

  2. AH-mazing!!! When I dream of wining the lottery, this is the room I dream of also!!!

  3. Your studio is just gorgeous!

  4. Just beautiful! The added storage everywhere else is a nice bonus. Are you drilling holes in your counters for the cords? Most agonizing decision: where to put the holes 🙂

  5. Thanks all. I really don’t need to drill a hole for the computer wires, since it’s all wireless down there. I had one drilled for the Directv, but I still have to decide on the sewing table. I opted to wait a bit. I want to see if the cords are bothering me, and then if so, where it would be best for the hole, because you are right, I sure don’t want a useless hole!

  6. So jealous! What a great space, you must be so excited to get in there and start using it!

  7. So, does this mean you have a free room upstairs that I can live in so I can come play in your new palyroom? 😉

    Looks fabulous Kathy! Color me green with envy!

  8. This is unbelievable! WOW! Not being a follower, til recently, I’m curious…did you add on to the house for this, or was it always there, but just “discovered”? WOW!

  9. We did in fact add on. It’s been a long process, phase one of which actually began this past summer. You can check some of the older posts to see the progression if you like. 🙂