A Repurposed Apron- the Black Version

In a recent post we showed you a repurposed apron we fashioned from a favorite old pair of blue jeans, and I have REALLy enjoyed wearing it around the house! But here’s the deal…I wore it at the Quilt Market last Fall in Houston for lack of a better alternative and also because I just never got around to making anything else and even though it functioned beautifully, it really didn’t do ANYTHING for the mostly black outfits I normally wear when I’m there, (or my figure for that matter)!

So I promised myself I would make myself a dressier-looking apron before going to Portland, Oregon for the Spring Market and since I love the way my denim apron wears I’ve been pondering what type of material to use for some time now. I toyed with the idea of buying some yardage, but tabled that option unless nothing else worked out. It just seemed boring and unimaginative. And since I didn’t have a really BLACK pair of jeans to cut up, I actually thought about making a run down to the Goodwill store to see if they had any black jeans I could scoop up for my new show apron, but then it dawned on me!


I remembered that there were a couple of old, black cotton twill Laboratory aprons stuffed away in a drawer upstairs (from my pre-retirement City-employee years) that could definitely benefit from a “repurposing”! Unfortunately, when I located them, it turned out that they were a little more worn and stained than I remembered, as you can clearly see! (Why does that always happen?)

So… here’s what I did to overcome that!
1) the pockets on these aprons were clearly wider and deeper that the patch pockets normally found on the backside of blue jeans, so in order to be able to use my apron templates, I removed the pockets from the aprons and set the best two of the four aside to be placed on my new apron later.

2) I turned both aprons over and found the wrong sides to be much newer and blacker, so I laid out my pattern pieces here, (carefully avoiding the stained areas), using the wrong side as my new right side of fabric.

3) From here I put my apron together as per my denim apron instructions, placing and stitching the two best looking pockets in place on the front at the very end.

And the result was… pretty fantastic! The pockets are nice and roomy for carrying all the incidental items I’ll need on the Market floor, AND most important of ALL… this black apron is going to look much dressier (and slimmer) in Portland, than it’s denim counterpart did in Houston last Fall!

So how about you?

Have you tried “re-purposing” anything around your house yet? 
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  1. Barbara in Muncie

    Love the “new” apron! I especially like the striped border–it gives it a touch of class. You’ll look great at market.

  2. I love that you’re wearing a lab apron again – there’s still a chemist inside of you! That was such a cool reuse 🙂 Mary B in WS

  3. I like to make and bind my own journals and I was recently preparing for a trip to Ireland with my sister. Knowing it would be raining a lot while we were there, I cast about for a fairly water-resistant cover for the new travel journal I was making. Found a nice-sized scrap of Tyvek house wrap and used that for the cover — worked like a charm! You can also re-cycle Fed Ex or UPS envelopes — made from the same material. Tyvek accepts most types of paints and you can overcoat it with waterproof sealer, as well.

  4. I re-purposed a very large man’s shirt into the cutest apron ever! I cut the shirt from the collar band to the underarm seam in a gentle curve and then continued straight over to the center back which was then cut open to the hemline. I bound the cut edges with bias made from the “scraps” and used one of the sleeve cuffs to make a stylish pocket. You can see it here on my Pinterst board “Up-Cycled Clothes”
    http://pinterest.com/pin/309059593148764127/ (In the post I deleted the link was missing or removed so I’m not sure what will happen here!)