A Quilt Market “Two-fer”

(This post is part of a continuing series focusing on the development of a new handbag pattern from its initial conception to it’s release.)

So…  in our last post in this series,we showed you our Uptown Saddlebag all dressed up in some brand new “hot off the press” fabric that Moda will be releasing at the Fall Quilt Market. But Moda’s not the only one releasing a new fabric line for Fall, and my guess is that when you check out the sample below that you’ll know exactly who designed the fabric collection! But what you probably won’t guess by looking at this picture, is that the fabric is NOT the only new product being featured in this bag! (but more about this later in the post!)

And with this reveal, I can almost hear the collective cheer going up from
all of you Laurel Burch fans out there! Yep, I’m a big fan too.
This particular collection is called “Fabulous Felines”
and it’s brought to you courtesy of the good folks at Clothworks.
And guess what? There’s a host of colors available within the collection too,
but I chose this particular groupingfor a very specific reason!

And that’s because I’m going to display this sample in a “Sneek Peek” display box
at the Fall Quilt Market. These are special all-glass display cases placed strategically at the entrance
to the Market floor, so it’s the perfect place to make a first impression!
(I’ll tell you much more about this in a future post!)

I took the picture above to specifically show the doubters that the
Flap pocket REALLY IS a full-length pocket that goes completely to the bag bottom.
(I’ve had quite a few emails from folks who for one reason or another thought this pocket was a “throwaway”, or an essentially useless feature.) It’s not. I’ve really enjoyed using the
Flap Pocket on my Uptown Saddlebag.

So… Now that we’ve talked about this fabulous Laurel Burch fabric, I can tell you
what there is about this sample that makes it a Market “twofer”. Of course you
can’t detect it from a picture, but the fact is, this Uptown Saddlebag was not
constructed with Soft & Stable by Annie!

That’s RIGHT!
I know, I know…How many times have I said that there’s NOTHING on the market
like Soft & Stable? Too many times to remember!
But the fact is, this sample was constructed with a brand new product
that is ALSO making its debut at the Fall Market.
It’s called Stiff Stuff and it’s part of a brand new line
of foundation materials called Sew Lazy from Lazy Girl Designs.

So…how did the Stiff Stuff compare to Soft and Stable?
To be honest, I had my doubts from the outset. As a matter of fact,
I toyed with the idea of not even going through with this trial because time is so precious
to me during the run-up to Market, but after seeing Joan’s introductory video,
I decided to give it a go and you know what? …
I was completely impressed
with the way Stiff Stuff performs! So impressed in fact, that it will be the total focus
of the next post in this series (complete with a video of ours).
We’ll give you all the details about it then, so stay tuned for that?

But in the meantime-  Here’s a question for you!
If YOU were a store owner at Quilt Market, and you could only purchase either this Laurel Burch fabric,
or the beautiful batik fabric from Moda from our last post… Which would YOU choose?

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  1. Most definitely the batik fabric from Moda. Blue is my color and the different shades in that fabric can’t be beat. I really like the Laurel Burch fabric, but the batik is really the prettiest in my opinion.

  2. Hard decision, but I love the moda line of batiks!

  3. LUV Laurel Burch!!!

  4. Love Laurel Burch fabric, have quite a bit in my stash also bought an embroidery CD of hers.

  5. I love batics and blue is my color but I would choose Laurel Burch, those cats are just adorable

    Elinborg D. Lár.

  6. Moda for sure!

  7. Sue H in upstate NY

    Can this bag be made with the old iron on fleece stuff that you used to recommend? I still have over 2 yards of it!

    • Sorry Sue- but I do NOT recommend using fusible fleece in the Uptown Saddlebag, due to the design. Fusible fleece will just not hold up to weight and once its loaded, the curved nature of the design will cause this bag to just collapse if you use fusible fleece. BUT- either the Stiff Stuff shown in this post, or the Soft & Stable previously mentioned will solve that problem! 🙂

  8. Both bags are beautiful; but neither are colours of fabric I would really purchase as a bag because autumn tones are my passion…but if I had only these two choices, even though I love batiks, I would choose the Laurel birch bag for two reasons…first I love cats and secondly I love high contrast colours…so there you are, my opnion for what it is worth. Btw either bag would be enough to to want me to buy the pattern, the only reason I’m holding off is I am trying to clean and purge my sewing/craft room to pack if all, up for a major renovation and the fact I have oodles of bag patterns clamouring for me to make them already; but your patterns are definitely tugging at my heart strings…my latest aquisiton is your quattro bag pattern which I purchased at a local quilt store in Amherstburg (Ontario) and she had it done in dragon fly fabric and it was stunning; of course it was done in browns and neutrals with golden accents in the fabric!

  9. Gorgeous purse! Laurel Burch wins! My granddaughter would LOVE it!!

  10. Laurel Burch! I Love her designs.

  11. After pouting for a while, I’d go with the Laurel Burch because I love her cats.

  12. No fair, hard decision. I would have to go with the Batiks.

  13. Do you expect to offer the Stiff Stuff as part of the notions kit? I looked it up and watched the video, and it looks great!

    Sharon A.

    • That’s a really good question Sharon. For right now, we’re going to continue offering the Soft & Stable in our Notion Kit for the Uptown Saddlebag. This is primarily because the Soft & Stable can be folded for shipping without making a permanent crease (the soft spongey nature seems to make it resist a permanent crease).
      But, I don’t really feel comfortable folding and creasing the Stiff Stuff and cramming it into a flat mailer for shipping. It might be fine, but until I’m sure that the creases we introduce by folding it up for shipping won’t be permanent then I would feel that I should ship in some sort of a tube, which would involve special handling and obviously more expense.
      Stay tuned for our next post though, because we’ll be providing you with some good online sources for getting your own supply of Stiff Stuff, and of course our best recommendation is….
      Ask for it at your local quilt shop. It’s avialable for purchase now thru distribution but many shop owners arent aware of it yet! So spread the word!

  14. I am a total Laurel Burch fan but the batik colors together would win if I had to choose!!!

  15. I would go for the Burch cats for sure. While I love batik that particular combo of colors would not be a feature preference for me personally. I have to say that there does not seem to be any fabric that this pattern cannot make look stunning though!

  16. I’m not an animal person, I would choose batiks.

  17. I am SUCH a Laurel Burch Fan that it would HAVE to be the Laurel Burch. But then, I have several of her embroidery disks, purses, socks, a large duffel bag, and lots of fabric in my collection! So, duh!

  18. If I HAD to choose, I’d go with the batiks because they are so usable in so many different ways. I am a Laurel Burch fan, but the cats limit what I can make from the fabric and who I can make it for.

  19. I love batiks AND Laurel Burch. I’d choose the Laurel Burch. Many batiks are available, but there is only one Laurel Burch. But, I’d probably fail as a shop owner.

  20. Laurel Burch, for sure. I made my last purse in a couple of Laurel Burch fabrics and people keep asking me where I got my bag!