A New Zipper: and a Closeout SALE!


several weeks ago, just for fun I posted a picture (below) on our FaceBook page of several zippertapes we were considering for our Zipper line.

Those of you who have been following our posts for sometime know that we generally try to add something new and interesting to our Zipper line at least once per year.
Our new addition last year was a yummy beige & white striped tape with a shiny gold zipper pull and teeth. Seen at left inside our Wrapsody bag, it’s proven to be very popular with folks who enjoy using gold hardware in their bags!

So… when I started considering what type of zipper would add the most versatility to our current line, I first sought out the advice of our sale rep. She came up with these 5 selections, all of which I like. That’s when I thought… what better way to get the grassroots reaction of our customer base, than to post the picture on our FaceBook page.

So what was the result?

While all 5 options received votes, I was quite surprised to see that the predominantly white printed tape was a clear 2-1 favorite. So… will the white printed tape become our new zippertape of 2015?       Actually… no.

The new zipper we finally chose was…
the zebra-stripe with a shiny nickel zipperpull and teeth!

Are you interested in the reasoning behind our decision? If so, I think it might be best to first share the reasons why we developed a line of zippers in the first place. They are as follows;

  1. to offer somewhat neutral zippertape options that serve to enhance, without overwhelming the overall bag exterior look, in order to….
  2. provide the buyer (myself included) with as many fabric options as possible.

All that to say that…

a.       I got SO sick and tired of not being able to use my exterior fabric of choice due to the horrible limited selection of zippers on the market. Our first zipper offering, the black & white striped zipper, was our answer to this dilemma. We still see it as “the ultimate neutral”. It goes with EVERYTHING. You need look no further than our website to see the various exteriors I’ve paired it with and without fail you’ll find that it complements (without overwhelming) the final look.

b.       When customers buy a pattern from us, whether it be online or at a show, they generally haven’t chosen their fabric yet, but if they select one of our fun (yet neutral) zippers to use in their bag, they can be confidant that it will pair beautifully with most fabrics.   So, with all this in mind let’s go back to our five zippertape options and …

Here’s the reasoning behind our choice!

ZipChoicesthe Zebra tape w/black teeth and pull— I liked the black & white print. It’s another great neutral option for our customers, but I’m not crazy about the black teeth and zipper pull. There’s not enough to differentiate it from our original black& white stripe zip.

the Tiger or Cheetah print— These are beautiful tapes, but they do not fulfill our neutrality requirement. There would be LOTS of fabrics that these zippers would simple NOT look good with, PLUS we do not currently have brushed gold or bronze hardware in our line, and right now I don’t feel inclined to expand our notions line to include this finish, so for both of these reasons, these two options were out.

the White Print— This is a nice print but it is by no means neutral. From any distance at all, this zipper is going to read as white, because after all, it IS predominantly white. And let’s face it, since most customers do NOT want white to be a dominant color in their bag’s exterior, this zipper is not going to blend into the background. It’s likely to be totally noticeable, and not necessarily in a good way, so it didn’t make the cut.

the Zebra Print with shiny Nickel— Ever since we introduced the tan zippers with the gold accents last Fall, our customers have been clamoring for a zipper with a shiny silver zipper pull and teeth to match our shiny silver hardware. This zipper SEEMED to answer that request beautifully. But now that it’s here… 

It seems just a little TOO similar to our b&w striped zip!

zipcIn truth I’m a disappointed in them. In short, these zips just don’t look the way I had envisioned them. Oh I like ’em, but I’m not sure I want them to be a permanent addition to our line. Somehow I thought the scale was going to be a good deal larger than it turned out to be and for this reason I’m declaring that…

We’re having a CLOSEOUT SALE!

These new zips are now in stock and available on our website, but I doubt we’ll be reordering them! So for as long as they last they’re available in 4 convenient sizes at the following incredible prices!

  • 10″ closed bottom= $1.50
  • 12″ separating= $2.25
  • 16″ separating= $2.50
  • 22″ purse zipper (closed on both ends with 2 heads)= $3.00

So… Ready… Set… Go! Just click here to get ’em while they last!

So in closing, am I sorry that I posted the 5-zipper picture on our FaceBook page and asked for customer feedback (since it seems like I ignored it and went with my own choice). ABSOLUTELY NOT! I relish and look forward to every possible opportunity to get customer comments and feedback. It’s one of the things I enjoy most about retail shows, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with us!

And now…it’s YOUR turn!

Do you want to get some great looking zips while they last at a rock bottom price! Just click HERE!
And if you have other questions or comments, I’d love for you to share them in the space provided below.

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    Hi…I tried to order some discounted zippers, However, there is no link to be able to do that.
    In the text you say:
    Just click here……. but nothing happens

    • Hi Suzanne
      Sorry youve experienced difficulty ordering the zippers. In the text of the post you need to click on the word HERE in the phrase “Just click HERE”, (please note that its underlined). It’s working just fine on this end. If the hotlink still doesnt work for you, I would suggest trying a different browser, clearing your cache, or you could just opt to click on THIS convenient link— http://www.studiokatdesigns.com/product-category/zippers
      Thanks for writing and have a fun day