A New Market Walkabout



you may remember that back in April of this year, one of our prized Walkabout Wallet samples got up and “walked” out the door at AQS Quiltweek Paducah. Of course we were disappointed and discouraged about this. Let’s be honest, we were pretty angry about it for quite some time! But once we had a chance to sit down and turn our eyes toward our next show(s) which happen to be the two biggest shows of the year (Quilt Market & Festival in Houston), we realized that this loss had created an additional problem!

We’ll be “short” a sample in Houston!

I knew I had to make another display Walkabout Wallet for our Houston shows, but that’s when it dawned on me… what if the process of making this extra sample actually allowed me to check TWO items off my long-term list of things to do? After all, lots of you have been asking us to write up a tutorial post or two about fussy-cutting a bag exterior, so why not make up this new sample with this dual purpose in mind, right?

So I dug through my stash for fabric with “great fussy-cutting” potential and since I had previously enjoyed working with fabrics from the “Lady in Red” collection (by Lorelei Designs), and since I still had a good deal of it to work with, I knew what I had to do!

And as  you can see, I did in fact do some fussy-cutting on this bag front and if all goes well, I’m planning on writing a little pdf document (perhaps another eBook) that details the specific method I use when fussy-cutting a bag exterior, so stay tuned for that!   🙂   And now, here’s some more pictures of our new Walkabout Wallet!

PPC12Lorelei2c Here’s a good look at the bag interior. As you can see,
I used our brand new red & white ministriped zips for this bag.


Here’s an interior closeup that gives you an pretty good idea
of how much extra space there is in the interior for items such as keys, or reading glasses.


And finally, here’s a look at the back of this bag which I also fussy-cut. I’m pleased with this sample and if you’re planning on attending either the Quilt Market or Festival this Fall, I’ll show it to you in person!


So there you have it!

I’d love to show you this new Walkabout Wallet in person either at the above-mentioned shows we’re vending at in Houston, TX, or at the other shows in early 2017. We’ll be at Road to California in Ontario, CA in mid-January and Paducah KY in late April AND we’re in the process of choosing a new location for a third show in late winter. Stay tuned because we’ll be making an announcement about that location very soon!
And remember, we love reading your comments and answering your questions too, so please feel free to leave either or both in the space provided below.

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  1. Chris in South Jersey

    My walkabout wallet got a workout in London this week. The only problem was I put my Underground ticket in the pouch with the magnet and it was rendered unreadable. So that went into the back zip pocket. It was perfect for traveling. Mine is also fussy cut.

    • Glad it came in handy!
      And yes, hotel keys and tickets such as your underground pass are way more easily compromised by magnets than credit cards are!

  2. This new bag is adorable and your fussy cutting is excellent.

  3. I’ve done it with other bags but with this one being smaller, I wondered, would it be possible to put a seam in the bottom so that both sides of the wallet could have ‘heads up’.