The Greek Islands 2014


if you’re one of my FaceBook friends, then you know that we just got back from a fabulous cruise through the Greek Islands, but you know what? I’ve been on cruises before, but only river cruises, ie; ALWAYS within sight of land. NEVER out on the open water. And I’ve got to tell you, I have never had a desire to get on one of those giant floating cities… you know the ones I’m talking about. The 5000+ passenger bohemoths, complete with formal nights and assigned seating plans and long lines to do just about anything. So when we first started talking about the Greek Islands this was a major sticking point for me… but that was before I found out about Azamara Club Cruises!

These are the things that appealed to me most about the Azamara cruises:

1.  The ships are WAY smaller!  For the most part, there are only 400-600 passengers.

2.  The mood is very informal! You get to do what you want to, when you want to do it. The boat stops somewhere new everyday and you don’t have to book an on-shore excursion in order to get off the boat. There’s no formal nights and you dont even have to bring a skirt or a dress if you don’t want to.

3.  More interesting Itineraries!  Due to the smaller ship size, the Azamara ships can gain access to smaller ports of call than the mega-ships and since we tend to like the smaller towns this suits us just fine!

So… how did it go?

We really had a fantastic time! The weather was perfect and the Azamara Quest was a wonderful ship. Our itinerary included 4 Greek Islands and two ports in Turkey and it was a totally enjoyable. But here’s the deal… rather than give you a long blow-by-blow account of our vacation, I thought you might enjoy this 6+ minute slideshow synopsis (co-starring our absolute FAVORITE travel companions, John & Vicky Pruitt)!

So… Which port of call was our favorite?

We actually loved most everything about this trip! I was very surprised by how different each one of these Greek Islands were from each other. Every island had their own individual look and feel! And the two Turkish ports we visited (Kusadasi and Marmaris) were much different than I expected. Very cosmopolitan… middle-eastern yes… but with a European flair.

And now… it’s YOUR turn!

I’d love to know what vacation spot has been YOUR absolute favorite? And if you have any questions about our trip, please leave them in the space provided below and I’ll do my best to answer them.  🙂

We actually LOVE comments so if you’d like to share yours, please feel free to do so in the space provided below.


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  1. Hi Kat – your video was awesome! I was especially excited to see your pictures from Athens, Santorini and Kusadasi. We will be visiting those ports, along with Venice, Rome, Malta, Cannes, Florence, and Sicily, next summer. In fact, I believe we will be leaving for Venice ONE YEAR FROM TODAY!
    I’m curious – did you buy any fabric during your travels?
    As to my most favorite place to visit so far – Grand Cayman!

    • nope- no fabric
      I came across one fabric store and what they had was beautiful, but it looked and felt more like scarf fabric… not really what I would use for my bags so I passed. 🙂 Maybe you’ll have better luck!

  2. We cruised the Inside Passage of Alaska in 2002 and we loved it. We went in May and it was a wee bit chilly on deck while we were at sea but nothing a warm jacket couldn’t remedy. All in all the whole time we were gone we only had one day with a few sprinkles. We were concerned that early May might be really rainy but not so. While at sea we spent 95% of our time on deck watching for wildlife and observing the gorgeous coast line. We took our first ever helicopter trip and landed on a glacier. Tooooo exciting! Went to Haines to see the Bald Eagle Preserve. The other ports we just took in the locale scenery. We live just out of Sacramento but the cruise left from Vancouver so we went 3 days early and spent that time on Vancouver Island enjoying all things beautiful there including a whale watching trip leaving out of Victoria, BC. We were extremely impressed with how much we learned from the folks who ran the whale watching excursions. They were very, very supportive of the local pod of whales and could tell us the name and age of every whale in the pod as well as who was who’s baby, etc. One of the whales of that pod was estimated to be 80 years old! We would love to go back again!

  3. Just curious, which purse did you take with you?

    • I took my Cosmo Convertible with me this time. I enjoyed carrying it so much in Italy because I liked the option of configuring it as a backpack occasionally! 🙂

  4. It was very nice of you to show off you and your well fed family enjoying a luxurious vacation. How much did it cost? Perhaps you don’t realize that many of your readers are not in a position to afford such things or even dream of going on such a trip and maybe we don’t like our noses rubbed in the fact that you often enjoy such things.

    • If you don’t want to view the pictures, then don’t. If you don’t enjoy hearing about someone’s wonderful vacation, then view the things you do enjoy. Be happy for others who can do this. We can’t either, but I still enjoy the photos. It’s no one’s business what it cost.