A Boho “Baghit”

Most of you know that we run a Handbag of the Month contest every month on the website, so I get pictures of beautiful bags made from our patterns on a regular basis. I love to see them all. But every once in a while, someone sends me a picture that just blows my mind, and today was one of those days….

This fabulous Boho was only the 3rd bag Lina has made.

This is what met my eyes when I opened up my email this morning. Isn’t this one of the most wonderful bags you’ve ever seen? Lina Martel of Union City, CA is the creator of this heart-stopping Boho Baguette, which she says is constructed of ‘Outback Ebony’, a kind of vinyl that has the look of luxurious leather (without the high price).

Lina added that the material was a bit tricky to work with, especially on the straps. Covering the cotton webbing with the vinyl proved to be a bit of a problem for her machine, so Lina opted instead to substitute a long thin piece of fusible fleece for the cotton webbing. The result, as you can see, is simply fantastic. (Note to self- This is a GREAT idea!)
A western panel print was used for this Cordicella
And as if that’s not enough, Lina also made this stunning Cordicella which she said she constructed from a paneled western print, creatively placing the horses on the pockets. It would be a fun bag to carry, wouldn’t it?
Fans of our monthly contest might remember that Lina was the winner of our January 2010 contest, and therefore, neither of these bags are eligible to be part of our next contest. Do I hear a collective sigh of relief from our current entrants?
What makes these bags even more impressive, is that Lina is new to sewing. Her mother-in-law helped her construct her first bag over Thanksgiving last year, and this Boho Baguette was Lina’s first try at a different pattern. She said she proceeded very slowly and literally read each step “out  loud’ to herself, to help with comprehension, which her cats seemed to enjoy. (I like that.)
Kudos to you, Lina! You did an exceptional job and your fabric choices are inspiring. And say, if you agree, why not leave an encouraging comment for Lina below?

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  1. Incredible job Lina! Some people have a “feel” for sewing (art in fabric). You definitely have it! Thanks for sharing with us!

  2. Just gorgeous –

  3. Very impressive Lina – and for a new seamstress – even more so! I think you have a talent for this 🙂 Mary B. in Winston Salem

  4. I must say I am impressed as to not only your beautiful choices of fabric but that you can do such beautiful work. You should be very happy with yourself that you learn so quickly.

  5. Your bag is stunning. I am curious as to where one can purchase the Outback Ebony. I went online to Vogue Fabric but found only ordinary vinyl. Thanks for any leads you can offer.

  6. Lina – you should be so proud! These are beautiful!! Now that you have the addiction, look forward to seeing some more – LOL
    PS – would also love to know where you find Outback Ebony

  7. Sue sent this to me, she is my hero when it comes to sewing but Lina, this is gorgeous!