Archive: April 2018

  • PPC17: That’s One Stylish Gorilla

    So… in our first post in this the latest edition of Purse Pattern Chronicles we revealed the inspiration behind what will eventually be our new pattern for Fall 2018. And if you’ve been with us for any of our other 16 editions of this series you know that what generally comes next is the “Gorilla […]

  • PPC17: The Inspiration & Sketchwork

    So… here we are again! We’re at the front-end of that  l-o-n-g  process that eventually culminates in a brand new bag pattern! It’s exciting, and scary, and fraught with possibilities all at the same time and I especially love this part of the process for these reasons and many more! So let’s jump right in […]

  • Our Plans for AQS Quiltweek Paducah

    So… while we were at the MAQF in Hampton, VA  we had a chance to try out a new layout which taught us two things!  We really don’t need to increase our layout from a single booth to a booth and a half.  I really thought we were very close to having to increase out […]

  • My 4 Favorite Fabric Designers

    So… there’s quite a few things I’ve figured out after almost 15 years in this business, but one of the most important things just might have to do with fabric selection! Because in the beginning I had a REALLY hard time finding fabric that “played well” with my designs. There’s actually several reasons why; There’s […]

  • Smooth Curves Ahead

    So… if there’s anything I’ve learned after 14 years in the pattern designing business, its that there’s a LOT of sewists among us that tend to take issue when it comes to two basic areas of sewing… and that would be either installing zippers, sewing on curves… or BOTH! And in this post I’m going […]